Bowl of fresh tomato spaghetti with basil leaves

Discover our 5 favourite midweek meals that are delicious, nutritious and all under £1* a portion.

Deciding what to have for dinner after a busy day is a niggle we can all relate to. Chuck in the added pressure of needing it to be quick, easy, nutritious, affordable – not to mention tasty – and it’s no wonder we fall back on expensive convenience foods when motivation is low. 

But eating well on a budget doesn’t have to be boring – or mean hours in front of the cooker after a long day. From quick fixes to make-ahead slow-cooked dishes you can leave to tick away on a Sunday afternoon, our budget-friendly dinner ideas will make sure you have something good to come home to every night of the week.

We’re sharing our top 5 go-to delicious dinners that are quick to prepare – or can be made ahead – and cost no more than £1* per serving. What a warm welcome home.

£1 per portion

Healthy and nutritious, beans are an absolute powerhouse when it comes to eating well on a budget. Here we have Buddy’s deliciously smoky beans. This recipe is at the top of our £1 budget, but it’s jam-packed with veg and plant-based protein that we had to include it. Well done Buddy!


74p per portion

Your freezer is your friend if you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to eat more veg. Tenderstem broccoli is blitzed with frozen peas and veg to create a silky smooth sauce that really makes this quick and easy pasta dish. 


83p per portion

Smoky spices, fiery chilli and zingy fresh coriander transform a tin of beans into these vibrant and filling Mexican-style bean burgers. The patties take minutes to make, but need a bit of chilling to firm up before cooking, so you could always make them the night before. 


74p per portion

A classic for a reason, you can’t beat a plate of garlicky, tomatoey spaghetti for a budget-friendly midweek meal. This recipe takes literally minutes to prepare and is easily adaptable too: chuck in olives, anchovies, tuna, peas, spinach, rocket – whatever you fancy!


68p per portion

Lentils can get a bad rep for being a bit bland, but this smoky daal is something pretty special and a real batch-cook beauty. Blackening the aubergine means you get that distinctive smoky flavour, while the chilli and spices bring warmth to this humble, yet sophisticated dish. 

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*Prices correct as of October 2022.