High-protein vegetarian recipes

These high-protein vegetarian recipes taste delicious and are the perfect way to keep your diet balanced – without the meat. UNDERSTANDING PROTEIN While protein is definitely an integral part of our diet, it does – like everything else – need to be eaten in the right amounts. Generally, the optimal amount of protein to aim […]

Include a couple of these dishes into your day for an extra boost of veg and fruit – or choose one from each section for a guaranteed eight portions!   BREAKFAST Both these breakfasts set you up for a brilliantly nutritious day, with two full portions of veg or fruit each. Baked eggs in popped beans Read the full article…

Super-useful vitamin D helps us absorb calcium from the food we eat, which in turn maintains healthy bones and strong teeth. It’s also a really handy vitamin for keeping our muscles working properly – helping us balance, which is particularly important for older people.