Less healthy foods like cakes, biscuits and desserts can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. There’s no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods – it’s all about how much and how often. These types of foods should be consumed more occasionally, rather than being our everyday foods.

Treats have the ability to totally tip our weekly balance in the wrong direction, so it’s important to be mindful when making your choices.


There are always times throughout the year that we fancy treating ourselves (think Christmas, birthdays and weekends, to name just a few), and there’s nothing wrong that, but the rest of the time it’s important to focus on eating balanced, nutritious meals. Start by getting this under control and you’ll feel much better about allowing yourself the occasional treat.

  • Eat the rainbow: Eating foods in a variety of different colours, shapes, sizes and flavours is a great way to ensure that you keep a healthy, balanced diet. The best way to achieve this is to try to include every colour of the rainbow
  • Game of thirds: Ensure that each meal contains one-third veg and fruit; one-third carbohydrates, and the final third split between protein and dairy. Lastly, foods high in sugar and/or salt should only be eaten occasionally – this is where treats fit in
  • Control cravings: The best way to help you choose veg and fruit over other treats is to make sure you have them within easy reach when you’re in need of a snack. Keeping a bowl of fresh fruit at home or in the office, or keeping a supply of dried fruit or nuts in a container nearby will help you to choose healthier options (just keep an eye on your portion control).


It can be easy to consume a large volume of calories with little nutritional value, so embrace healthier alternatives, where possible.

  • Upgrade the nutrition: Veg and fruit are delicious, perfectly packaged alternatives to other treats high in added sugars, fats and salt. They’re great for when you’re on the move, at home or as part of a packed lunch – and will help you reach your 5-a-day target
  • Embrace frozen berries: Another good alternative is to keep a supply of frozen berries in the freezer. Frozen berries work wonderfully with yoghurt – either in a bowl or blitzed up into frozen yoghurt
  • Handy homemade dips: whiz up homemade dips, such as skinny homemade houmous or pea & yoghurt dip to take your veg to the next level


If you have a healthy diet, the occasional treat is nothing to worry about – below are some tips on how to enjoy responsibly

  • Check your portion sizes: Serve treats and desserts on smaller plates or bowls, and try to stick to the recommended portion sizes. 
  • Make your own: Making your own treats is a great option, as that way you know exactly what’s gone into them, you can choose their size, and it will feel like more of a treat.
  • Make it an occasion: Enjoy your treats! Try to make an occasion of it, rather than snacking on the go or straight from the tin. This way, you’re more likely to be fully aware of what you’re eating and be less likely to make a habit of it.
  • Be mindful: Take your time to enjoy your treats by putting down your fork or spoon between bites. Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that you’re full – so waiting a while will help stop you going for that second serving.

As with anything in life, balance is key. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favourite treat occasionally, so appreciate it for what it is – just keep these tips in mind to help you enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Here are 5 healthy dessert recipes for you to try at home:

Frozen yoghurt cake screams summer, and kids will pounce on this as soon as they see all those bright colours. There’s nothing artificial here, though it’s the fruit that brings the colour. Use any fruit that you have to hand, everything works.


A handful of seeds and nuts takes this fruit salad recipe up a notch, a great snack or breakfast.


One mouthful of this exotic fruit salad recipe with mint sugar and you can almost feel the sunshine!


This delicious colourful breakfast looks beautiful and is so easy to make. Get the kids to grate the fruit, minding little fingers!


Healthier than ice cream… but just as delicious! Choose any flavour you like for a really tasty and refreshing snack it’s great for keeping the kids happy.