Batch-cooking family recipes

These freeze-friendly, batch-cook recipes and tips have been created with family in mind, and will help you prepare ahead and reduce food waste.

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Tip & Tricks for batch cooking

Stock up on frozen veg like peas – they’re great value for money, which means you can use them in big quantities, and they’re just as nutritious as fresh. Plus, you can just use what you need each time, avoiding unnecessary food waste.

Cook up a batch of fishcakes at the weekend then store them in your freezer – these sweet potato ones from Michela Chiappa are bursting with vitamin C. Pop them in the oven, then serve up with broccoli and sweetcorn for a super-simple family dinner.

Embrace those veggies and cook up a big vat of Kerryann Dunlop’s delicious hidden vegetable pasta sauce instead. It’s a great way to pack a load of veg into the little ones, without them even realising!

Rustling up a batch of ragù couldn’t be easier, and it’s a brilliant base for loads of recipes that the whole family will love. Mince is super economical, plus you can pack extra veggies into the sauce. Portion into freezer bags and stash away until needed.

Getting organised and roasting a chicken that will provide you with delicious and convenient leftovers is a great time-saver. Pick all the juicy meat off the carcass and store in the fridge until you need it, making a flavoursome homemade stock with the bones.

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