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Let's Cook by Buddy Oliver


Buddy's new cookbook!

Buddy Oliver’s debut cookbook is the perfect way to inspire kids to get cooking. Packed with 60+ recipes, plus his favourite tips and tricks, beginners will be serving up a feast in no time!

Catch Buddy on his new CBBC series, Cooking Buddies on iPlayer.

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Buddy’s top tips for kitchen confidence

Start small...

“…and build from there. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to explore, so the same will probably be true for you. The first thing I ever made was scrambled eggs, and they were really tasty, and actually quite easy once I knew what to do. After helping Mum or Dad with odd jobs in the kitchen I started to pick up new skills, like how to make chopped salads or simple pizza and bread doughs, and it kind of went from there.”

It doesn't have to be perfect!

“Cooking can be unpredictable and it doesn’t always go to plan, but that doesn’t matter! Sometimes you’ll end up with something even better than planned, and other times it’ll just give you an idea of what not to do next time. It’s all part of the journey.”

Get creative!

“Making a dish from scratch means that you can tweak and adjust the recipe to make it exactly how you like it. And if you do that, it’ll mean that you’ll always want to eat it – plus, it’s good not always having to rely on grown-ups when you’re hungry 🙂 ”

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