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Jamie Oliver leaning against a table in a busy kitchen and looking to the side, while honing a knife using a steel. Picture from 'Jamie's Quick and Easy Food' TV show

All knives, no matter the brand, will dull after a certain amount of use. Then if you’re using a blunt knife, it’s much more likely to slip, so you could hurt yourself. This is why sharp knives are an absolute must for both beginners and advanced cooks. Plus, if your knife is sharp, it’s so […]

Healthy meal prep ideas - Mexican chilli chicken

But, what if we said all you need is an hour or two of prep to guarantee a week’s worth of healthy, low-effort, high-reward meals that are ready when you are? From brilliant breakfasts and lovely lunches to delicious dinners and super snacks, we’ve pulled together our favourite food-prep ideas that the whole family will […]

Christmas cake - clementine, ricotta and lemon-curd panettone

Celebrating the flavours of the Amalfi coast with beautiful lemon curd, we’ve used seasonal clementines in place of strawberries, giving a delicious St Clements vibe. It makes a really special centrepiece with minimal effort. And, to make things even easier, we’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps… PANETTONE, RICOTTA & LEMON-CURD RIPPLE, CLEMENTINES SERVES […]

Alioli recipe

We demystify this delicious dip, how to make it, and share some tips and tricks to get it right every time. Plus, we share Jamie’s artichoke alioli recipe from his latest cookbook, 5 Ingredients Mediterranean. First off, what’s alioli made of? Alioli is commonly made with garlic and olive oil, and sometimes extra flavourings, like […]