Spring greens recipes - a portion of green macaroni cheese made with frozen veg, topped with almond flakes on a plate, with the pasta bake tray and knife and fork in shot.

Frozen vegetables are not only convenient and budget-friendly, they’re nutritious and just as delicious as fresh veg. Plus, these days, there’s so much more on offer in the freezer aisle than a bag of peas!

Beans, spinach, carrots and sweetcorn are firm freezer favourites, but did you know you can also get hold of frozen leeks, butternut squash, broccoli and avocado? It’s worth familiarising yourself with what’s in your supermarket, because it really does taste just as good as the fresh stuff and it has a much longer shelf life, so there’s less food waste to worry about. Just pop a handful in your cooking whenever it’s needed. Plus, these veggies are generally frozen at their very peak, so you can enjoy seasonal produce at its best throughout the year. 

Grow your own veg or just accumulated a glut in the bottom of your fridge? Try freezing it yourself: if vegetables are properly prepped and frozen at their freshest, they’ll retain more of their nutrients. Just remember to clearly label and date everything so you’re not playing freezer roulette! 

So if you’re looking for easy ways to cook with frozen veg, you’ve come to the right place. From warming soups and curries to comforting pies and pasta bakes, we’ve got loads of inspiration to help you make the most of your freezer. 

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Bigging up frozen sweetcorn, this flavour-packed pasta is a cracking midweek meal. It’s made in just one pan, meaning minimal washing up, and is on the table in only 13 minutes. Chuck in a cube of frozen spinach to up your veg intake too, if you like. Dinner for one, done! 

Curries are a fantastic vehicle for using up frozen veg and this one ticks a lot of boxes. Budget-friendly, easy to batch up and ridiculously delicious, it’s a proper family favourite. We’re making the most of frozen cauliflower here, and you could easily swap the fresh butternut squash, carrots and courgettes for frozen too. 

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Bags of frozen mixed onion, carrot and celery are a kitchen saviour. They come pre-prepared, saving you loads of chopping time, and are the basis of so many dishes (think Bolognese, risotto, stews), including this comforting soup. You could also swap in chunks of frozen squash, if you fancy. 

A couple of cubes of frozen spinach work a treat in this dead-quick curry recipe. You’ll only use what you need, so won’t end up with any sad spinach stuck at the back of the fridge. And if you’re in a real hurry, use a handful of frozen chopped onions, too. Ready in no time at all and you’ll only need five ingredients. Go on,  then!  

Swap frozen broccoli, spinach and leeks into this Friday-night favourite. You’ll not only keep costs down, but also end up with hardly any prep time. With a rich cheesy sauce and next-level almond topping, this feels really luxurious, but is actually super simple. 

The frozen chopped mixed onion, celery and carrot makes a cracking base for this risotto. Then add in whatever frozen veg you have knocking around – think spinach, green beans, peas or broccoli florets. Check out these easy swaps recipes if you need inspiration for using up what you’ve already got. 

Who doesn’t love a good fish pie? With frozen pea-spiked mash, cubes of spinach and lots of lovely fish, this is a proper celebration of those all-important freezer staples. If you want to take it one step further, frozen carrots and onions would work wonderfully.  

Embrace freezer staples in this speedy soup recipe – we’ve gone for frozen peas and spinach here, but feel free to mix it up. Frozen broccoli florets, green beans, leeks or shredded cabbage would all be delicious. With minimal ingredients but plenty of flavour, this is a great principle recipe to have up your sleeve. 

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