Recipe Roundup

Avocado Toast

MIX UP YOUR TOAST TOPPERS Toast makes the ultimate breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack, so it’s nice to try something different once in a while. Changing the bread you use is a great place to start; try using rye bread for a super-savoury option. Or, for something more substantial, keep sourdough in the freezer to […]

High-protein vegetarian recipes

These high-protein vegetarian recipes taste delicious and are the perfect way to keep your diet balanced – without the meat. UNDERSTANDING PROTEIN While protein is definitely an integral part of our diet, it does – like everything else – need to be eaten in the right amounts. Generally, the optimal amount of protein to aim […]

gluten-free recipes

These delicious gluten-free recipes will guide you through the Easter celebrations with guaranteed delicious results and happy faces all round. 6 GLUTEN-FREE RECIPES FOR EASTER GLUTEN-FREE HOT CROSS BUNS This recipe makes 8 beautifully fluffy buns with plump, juicy currants, warm spices and a sticky orange glaze. The perfect vegetarian, dairy- and gluten-free recipe from […]

Easter recipes

These traditional Easter recipes are a celebration of fresh spring flavours and seasonal ingredients. Properly done old-school egg salads like this are out of this world. It’s a punchy combo of anchovy, chicory, and homemade salad cream – delicious! This simple, delicate poached salmon is served with some beautifully bold flavour bombs, from a tangy […]