Recipe Roundup

Greek recipe ideas - Grilled island salad

As part of the research into his new cookbook 5 Ingredients Mediterranean, Jamie travelled around the beautiful Med, taking inspiration from the delicious dishes he enjoyed. On his travels he visited a few brilliant Greek spots, including Skopelos. While Jamie was there, he met Jordan Tseneklidis, a nomadic chef. “A staple of all local cuisines […]

Fruit and cheese pairing halloumi skewers

With its unique texture and salty flavour, halloumi is one of the most popular cheeses out there. It’s brilliant on a barbecue, grilled until it develops a golden crispy crust, and out-of-this-world on skewers in the summer. Alternatively, try roasting in a veggie traybake in the colder months for a delicious salty hit of flavour. […]

Best harissa recipes – a jar of red harissa paste being spooned out, with rose petals on the table around it

Made with hot chilli peppers, garlic, citrus, oil and spices, harissa is a seriously tasty, fairly mild North African chilli paste that can do incredible things to chicken, lamb, fish and vegetables.  Traditionally, it’s made by pounding chillies into a rough paste – in fact, the word ‘harissa’ comes from the Arabic ‘harasa’, which means […]