Beetroot recipes - Colourful, dressed beetroot salad on a white plate

Bold, beautiful and brilliantly versatile, beetroot is an often overlooked root vegetable. While typically in season from June to March in the UK, handy packs of vac-packed beetroot are available in greengrocers and supermarkets all year round.

There’s a lot you can do with beetroot: slice or grate raw into salads; roast whole for an all-star salad ingredient, or blitz into a super-summery dip; thinly slice for a batch of beetroot crisps or pickle for a next-level cheese accompaniment. Tender, young beetroot leaves are delicious eaten raw in a salad, while the larger leaves are best lightly cooked, like spinach. 

Just remember, when boiling beetroot, make sure you leave the skin on so that their colour doesn’t seep out into the water. Here are our favourite beetroot recipes to get you inspired.

Vibrant, fresh, and full of flavour, this seasonal salad is a real treat for your taste buds. The earthy beetroot pairs perfectly with sweet clementines and tangy goat’s cheese – delicious. 

Beetroot works beautifully in a curry – if you’ve never tried it like this before, you’re in for something truly special.

Spice up your Sunday roast with this colourful gratin of tender beetroot, sweet parsnips, rosemary, garlic and orange zest – give it a go.

Make the most of beetroot (and their leaves) in this twist on a French classic. Tossed with quail eggs, tarragon and capers – it’s the right kind of posh!

Elevate avo on toast with smashed beetroot, houmous and cottage cheese. A great way to start the day.

Go all out with this Swedish-style beetroot gravadlax recipe – it’s elegant, fresh and surprisingly straightforward to make. It makes a fantastic centrepiece at a dinner party.

Make a batch of this pickled beetroot recipe when in season – they make fantastic foodie gifts. Delicious on crackers with mature Cheddar or Kirkham’s Lancashire.

A strong start to any dinner party, this brilliant beetroot starter recipe is sure to go down a treat. So good with crisp juniper toasts, delicate salad and fresh dill.

Vibrant, creamy and luxurious, beetroot makes for an incredible pasta sauce. Max La Manna shows us how. Plus, you can use the same sauce on pizza, too! 

Beetroot makes a surprise appearance here, which results in a super-moist chocolate cake. This is a brilliant one to do with kids – give it a go!



What is beetroot?

Beetroot is a root vegetable and is part of the goosefoot plant family. They’re related to turnips and swedes. The most famous beetroot dish is a soup from Ukraine, called borscht. Beetroot comes in a dazzling array of colours and shapes. Colours range from red to purple, golden to white; plus there’s a vivid candy-striped variety, called Chioggia. While usually spherical in shape, some beets can look more like a chunky carrot, such as the Cheltenham Green Top. Beetroot’s amazing colour means it can be used as a natural food dye. Use it to make purple pasta or to colour icing, for example.

When is beetroot season?

Beetroot is in season from June to March, but vac-packed beetroot is available year round and great in loads of recipes, like Jamie’s beautiful beetroot & avo toast.

How to store beetroot

Beetroot should be stored in the fridge to keep it fresher for longer.

What are the health benefits of beetroot?

Beetroot is a great source of a vitamin called folate. Folate helps to reduce tiredness so we feel awake and alert. Three whole baby beetroots count as one of your 5-a-day.