A Jam Daiquiri - the perfect store-cupboard cocktail

While the store cupboard often contains a few hidden gems for dinner, it can also be a great hiding place for ingredients to rustle up a quick and easy cocktail.

From tea bags and tinned fruit to jarred olives and warming spices, a little raid of the larder and spirit cabinet can produce a delicious weekend tipple in just a couple of shakes.

Whether you prefer strawberry jam or raspberry, it’s all good in this sweet rum concoction flavoured with fresh lime.


That old tin of peaches had to be useful for something, as seen in this classic Champagne cocktail. Whiz to a purée and you’re all set.


Not sure what to do with those pink peppercorns? Put them to good use in this twist on a negroni. They add a real punch that works so well with the sweetness of the orange.


Milk in a cocktail may sound wrong but there’s something so right about this unusual Victorian drink, made with Earl Grey tea, spices and pineapple.


It may seem like a long shot but if you have gin and vermouth at home, there is one sophisticated way to use up that jar of olives…


Cognac, honey and chai tea are all you need for this warming tipple. Gingerbread dunker optional.


If you have some Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco kicking around, pick up a bottle of tomato juice. Mix with vodka, celery and lemon for this classic brunch cocktail.


Typically enjoyed at the most wonderful time of the year, this winter warmer mixes rum with store-cupboard faves – cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg – plus butter. Easy!

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