Back in 1999, in a flat in north London, The Naked Chef was born and we’ve all been in love with the Jamie mealtime magic ever since.

25 years on, we chatted to the man himself to find out what his all-time favourite recipes are…

The Return Of The Naked Chef (2000)

Back in the day, I used to whip this up for my mates after a night on the town and it always went down a treat. With smoky bacon, quality sausages, sweet tomatoes and eggs all cooked up in one pan, you can’t go wrong. 



The Return Of The Naked Chef (2000)

It’s hard to beat a good fish pie – whether you’re looking for a big hug of a dish or needing something to feed the family. This version uses a cheat’s white sauce, making it even easier to knock together. It’s a proper treat.


Happy Days with the Naked Chef (2001)

My dad’s delicious dish is one that’s very dear to my heart – I have so many lovely memories of cooking this with him over the years, and you’ll even find a version of it on the menu at my Catherine St restaurant. It’s just one of my all-time favourites.



Jamie’s Kitchen (2002)

I love the comings and goings of the seasons, growing and cooking the beautiful ingredients that come with it. And this recipe celebrates the very best of spring: fennel, asparagus, baby courgettes… Finished with a dollop of pesto, it’s ridiculously delicious. 


Jamie’s Italy (2005)

The recipe that started it all 25 years ago! I was cooking this dish when I was spotted by TV producer Pat Llewellyn, who was filming a Christmas special at the River Café. This recipe is ideal for dinner parties as it requires a lot of care, love and attention. If I’m cooking rotolo during the week, I opt for this more stripped-back version. 


Jamie at Home (2007)

I’m all about showing the love to those humble ingredients that are often overlooked – and this recipe properly showcases the delicious onion. With lid-like giant cheesy croutons, you just know this is going to be good!


 Jamie’s Ministry of Food (2008)

Everyone needs this recipe in their life, because, who doesn’t love a pancake? My kids certainly do, no matter the age! And most importantly, these ones couldn’t be easier to whip up – just use the same mug for all your measuring and you’re onto a winner, no scales required! My kinda recipe.


Jamie’s America (2009)

I have to say, Jamie’s America is one of my favourite cookbooks, I love all of the recipes in there and it was such an adventure to create. But a particular fave of mine is this rich, dark, smoky chilli con carne. Slow-cooked beef brisket is flavoured with chilli and spices, as well as coffee and dark-brown sugar to take it to the next level.  

Sea bass & crispy pancetta

Sea bass and crispy pancetta

Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals (2010)

When I tapped into that big barrier to cooking that nearly all of us seem to face – time – I knew I could help a lot of people, and these recipes have become some of your all-time favourites. This is the first dish I developed for my 30-Minute Meals book, and it’s a goodun! Beautifully soft sea bass with punchy pancetta, served with sweet potato mash – a winning combo!

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Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals (2012)

Following the success of 30-Minute Meals, I gave myself the challenge of getting even quicker – I knew you guys wanted it! And this was another big moment in my publishing career. This recipe makes the most of all of those shortcuts to big flavour to make a really special dish.


Jamie’s Great Britain (2011)

Hot, crispy mini Yorkshires filled with cold, creamy smoked trout and fiery horseradish – it doesn’t get much better than this. I’m also really into making giant traybaked Yorkshires – they’re such a crowd-pleaser and the perfect vehicle for all sorts of delicious fillings. Think gnarly sausages for an epic toad-in-the-hole, Brie and grapes, or lots of lovely root veg.


Jamie’s Great Britain (2011)

I’ve made a lot of cakes over the years, but this classic is definitely up there. With sweet cream in between the layers, lots of lovely summer berries and crystallised rose petals, this is homage to the good old Victoria sponge (though I have to admit, sometimes a simple jam filling hits the spot too!).


Save with Jamie (2013)

I genuinely love cauliflower cheese – it’s one of my non-negotiables for Christmas dinner. I’ve spiked the classic white sauce with broccoli here to mix up the veg, and finished it with the crispiest almond and breadcrumb topping. So good, and always a crowd-pleaser.


Crispy duck lasagne 

A slice of crispy duck lasagne on a plate

Jamie’s Comfort Food (2014)

Probably my most epic lasagne to date – this one is a proper labour of love, but it’s totally worth it. By making your own pasta and roasting a whole duck to transform into the most flavour-packed ragù sauce, you’re basically saying ‘I love you’ to whoever you serve this up to. Enjoy! 

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Mini fish & chips

Fish and chips with two slices of lemon

Jamie’s Comfort Food (2014)

My dream is to open my own fish and chip shop and fill it with proper homemade pickles and condiments – think mayo, tartare sauce, curry sauce, mushy peas… the works! This recipe is my homage to that. 

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Super Food Family Classics (2016)

Getting more veg into your life can only be a good thing, so I always keep a batch of this hidden-veg sauce in the freezer. Whether I’m making a soup, stew, pasta, chilli or lasagne, it’s ready and raring to go. Another one of those recipes that you won’t regret adding to your repertoire. 


Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook (2016)

I’ve made thousands of roasties over the years, but this is the recipe I come back to again and again. The trick is to gently squash the potatoes halfway through cooking to increase their surface area – the more of your potato that’s in contact with the pan, the crispier it will be.



Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook (2016)

I’ve been making gravadlax since I was about ten years old, helping my parents out in their pub kitchen, and it remains a firm favourite. This beetroot-spiked version looks super-impressive, but it’s actually really straightforward. Give it a go!


Fifteen Christmas salad

A plate of salad with greens, clementines and mozzarella

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook (2016)

We used to serve this salad at my London restaurant Fifteen. It’s all about contrast – crunchy, bitter salad leaves combine with sweet clementines and soft, creamy mozzarella in the most delightful way. It’s such a timeless recipe for me. 

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Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook (2016)

My dear mum made this iconic trifle every Christmas when we were growing up and she still brings it out for big family occasions today. Celebrating humble store-cupboard ingredients in seven epic layers, it’s hard to beat!


5 Ingredients (2017)

People went wild for this traybake from 5 Ingredients, and for me it really sums up the vibe of the book: quick prep, minimal washing up and minimal ingredients that work hard to deliver big on the flavour front. What’s not to love?


Jamie Cooks Italy (2018)

I’ve always thought that making your own gnocchi is so therapeutic (and it’s often cheaper than shop-bought, too). When writing Jamie Cooks Italy, I was lucky enough to meet Nonna Teresa in Rome who introduced me to her version. The result is light, beautifully fluffy and utterly delicious.


VEG (2019) 

Combining two of my favourite things – cauliflower cheese and homemade pizza – this recipe was a revelation for me. Cheesy, oozy cauli topping on a really fluffy, crispy pizza – oh my lord! 


Together (2020) 

Prawn cocktail is one of my all-time favourite retro dishes – I made thousands of these in my parents’ pub in the 80s. I love this version because they’re perfectly portable, so ideal for a picnic.


ONE (2021) 

When me and Jools were living in our tiny London flat, we worked opposite shifts at the River Café, so I used to leave her foil parcels of food that she could pop in the oven when she got home. Since then, I’ve taken that principle recipe and run with it – this is my latest iteration and it’s one of my absolute favourites.

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