Easy recipes for students, pasta arrabiatta

Calling all students! Being able to cook up a few simple recipes is a must. Not only will learning to cook nutritious, delicious meals from scratch help you stay healthy and stick to a budget, but it could get you in the good books with new housemates! 

So, whether you’re after a quick-fix dinner, want to get organised for the week ahead, or are in need of some easy lunches to get you through long revision sessions, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favourite student-friendly recipes to help get you started…

Lovely lunch ideas

Closing your books and heading to the kitchen is a great way to guarantee a much-needed break, and a tasty lunch can bring a little joy to a day at your desk. From soups, salads and quesadillas to spiced-up scrambled eggs, these easy lunch recipes are all fast, fresh and delicious. 






Super simple suppers

With a little bit of know-how and some store cupboard staples, you can easily create nutritious meals that pack in maximum flavour with minimal effort. Use tinned tuna for Kerryann’s delicious tuna pasta bake, roast and top sweet potatoes, or give our killer 5-ingredient stir-fry a go.






Batch-cook basics

Having a couple of batch-cook beauties stashed in the freezer means you can have a healthy, homemade meal on the table in minutes. Whether it’s a versatile curry sauce, classic Bolognese or a veg-packed chilli, rustle up a big batch over the weekend, portion it up and freeze, ready to enjoy whenever you need a quick fix.






Veggie favourites 

Say yes to veg with these beautiful, no-fuss vegetarian recipes. Choose from spicy aubergine arrabbiata, Jamie’s quick and easy Hungover noodles, or go for a seriously satisfying veggie burger – they’re all ridiculously good!






Feeding friends 

Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re simply having a night in, divvy up the jobs and cook up one of these flavour-packed dishes with your mates. From a bold, bright chicken fajitas dish to a homemade pizza loaded with your favourite toppings, get stuck in and have some fun. 





A kitchen novice? Don’t worry, you can pick up some essential skills and build your confidence with our
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