baked eggs 3 ways with bread on the side

We love eggs! Whether it’s poaching them for breakfast, whipping up a lunchtime frittata, or simmering a dinnertime shakshuka (not forgetting a chocolate mousse for pud, and a pickled egg on the side!), you can take eggs in almost any direction and suit any occasion. They’re simply one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen.

Eggs are a brilliant source of complete proteins, which contain essential amino acids that your body cannot make itself. That means they are a great protein for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike, and happen to be naturally budget-friendly. You can find out more about the best to buy here.

From delicious breakfast and brunch recipes that are worth getting out of bed for to fun picnic ideas, quick dinners and tasty puds, we’ve got a whole host of egg recipes for you to try. And whether you’re a poached, scrambled, fried or boiled fan, we’ve got you covered.


A perfect poached egg is a thing of joy, made extra-special with some homemade hollandaise sauce, which has got to be one of the all-time best sauces using eggs (apart from mayonnaise, obvs!). Great for a special occasion. 

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We love this tangy tomato chutney with silky scrambled eggs, coriander and red onion. For a super-simple scrambling technique, check out our failsafe method.

A dippy egg needs good dippers, and asparagus is hard to beat! Watch Jamie talk us through soft-boiled, semi-soft and hard-boiled eggs. Posh breakfast, here we come!

Meliz Berg’s Turkish-inspired breakfast dish is tomatoey, earthy and totally delicious. She mixes tangy sumac and smoky pul biber into melted butter to give these eggs the tastiest final flourish. One for the weekend.

Silky omelette, gnarly sausage patty, mushrooms and avo – it’s basically breakfast in a bun! Ideal for a full English breakfast on the go.

Originating from North Africa but cooked throughout the world, shakshuka is such a satisfying breakfast dish (although it’s brilliant any time of day!). Coddled eggs in a pepper and tomato sauce is a thing of joy.

Huevos rancheros is very similar in style to a shakshuka (eggs cooked in tomatoes) – but with different spices. And it makes for one hell of a satisfying breakfast. Eggs, peppers, tortillas and cheese are spiked with chillis – not for the faint hearted!

When it’s Easter and you have leftover hot cross buns in your hands, this is the perfect indulgent brunch for someone special or to cook yourself a treat. Not Easter? You can use any bread you have, but it’s particularly delicious with brioche, panettone or even a cinnamon bun. Then it’s soaked in vanilla-y beaten eggs with stewed rhubarb, and baked until golden. 

Everyone needs a good pancake recipe up their sleeve! This one is served with jammy strawberries, but feel free to swap in your favourite toppings. 

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It’s the egg recipe you didn’t know you needed! Bang on trend and a real treat of a brekkie – here’s Jamie’s egg in a hole.

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A Scotch egg has got to be up there as one of the all-time favourites where picnic fodder is concerned. Why not try making your own? This veggie version uses a pouch of mixed grains, some rogan josh curry paste and a naan whizzed up for breadcrumbs! If you’re going really fancy, you could try making Scotch quail eggs, which are perfect for canapés.

Eggsellent for slicing up and taking to the park, try Jamie’s 5-ingredient tortilla frittata mash-up.

This recipe uses leftover cooked pasta to make a soft yet crunchy snack – so good for picnics or long walks. Trust us, it really works.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! A pickled egg is a wondrous thing. Try them with flavoured salts like these ones, on your avo toast, or in a salad.  

Love garlic mayo? Give this aïoli a try – it’s not too tricky to make, and tastes way better than the shop-bought stuff. Use as a dip for crudités on those warm summer evenings.


Quick quiche, you say? Go on then! By using filo pastry and just 6 other ingredients, you can get this beautiful cheese and onion quiche on the table in 40 minutes.

Just 7 ingredients come together to make this super-quick salad, which has all the elements of a great meal. Chewy mixed grains, tangy jarred peppers, wilted spinach, some crunchy dukkah and a perfectly poached egg. 

Su Scott’s Korean rolled omelette is a pleasure to make and to eat! It makes an excellent light dinner, snack or breakfast, and also happens to be budget-friendly.

Top your ramen, soups or noodle dishes with a homemade marinated egg! They take on the lovely flavours of soy sauce, sake (Japanese rice wine), honey, ginger and garlic. Easy to prep, then the fridge does the hard work overnight. 


When eggs are whipped up to hold melted chocolate and cream in an airy, light mousse, great things happen! This is Jamie’s 5-ingredient, easy to follow, cherry chocolate version for you to try. You won’t be disappointed!

Spread it on toast, sandwich it in between cakes, ripple it through whipped cream or yoghurt – the uses for lemon curd are many. But in Jamie’s grilled tart, which uses puff pastry to create epic crispiness underneath the soft curd, it’s truly epic. 

The genius that is a baked cheesecake courtesy of the air fryer! Baked a layer at a time, this vanilla and cream cheese mix is set using eggs, and served with orange-dressed raspberries. Summer celebrations, here we come!

To find out more about the nutrition of eggs, check out our feature on why eggs are healthy, written by our team of registered nutritionists.


Can I freeze eggs to use later?

Yes! You can either freeze eggs whole (out of their shell), beat the white and yolk together, or freeze the white and yolk separately. Make sure to freeze eggs in an airtight container, keep for up to 3 months, and defrost thoroughly overnight in the fridge before using. Note: the texture of egg yolks tends to become more gel-like once frozen and defrosted.

How long do eggs last in the fridge?

Eggs must be kept in the fridge, but always follow the box’s use-by date. We recommend storing eggs in their box, to avoid them taking on other smells that happen to be in the fridge.