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Jamie Oliver roast chicken

The ultimate Jamie Oliver roast chicken recipe gives you juicy meat and crispy golden skin every time. It’s packed with fresh herby flavour, and the garlicky onion roasting base turns into an incredible gravy. JAMIE’S PERFECT ROAST CHICKEN Jamie explains: “Basically, what I do is carefully part the skin from the meat on the top […]

The best egg recipes

With these failsafe egg recipes up your sleeve, you’ll be cooking eggs exactly how you like them, every time. The important thing to remember is to always aim to use super-fresh, organic or free-range eggs at room temperature. STEP-BY-STEP: PERFECT POACHED EGGS Before you start, make sure you use the freshest eggs possible. You can […]

Beef stew recipe

This month, we’re looking at preparing celery, and substituting alcohol in recipes. Once you’ve got these two skills under your belt, you can put them into practice with this beautiful beef stew recipe. HOW TO PREPARE CELERY Gennaro shows you how to prepare celery like a pro. It makes the perfect flavour foundation for the […]

We’re serving our salt beef with hot mustard, greens and some cracking Yorkshire puds, but we’ve also give you a killer way to use up any leftovers at the bottom of this feature. For this recipe, you’ll need a 1.6kg kosher brined beef brisket, onions, fresh bay leaves and pink or black peppercorns. Place the Read the full article…

Knowing how to cook with seasonal ingredients brings loads of added benefits. Food can be a little bit cheaper in season, rather than when it’s being cultivated out of season. Plus, ingredients are likely to have travelled shorter distances if they’re in season in the UK. Learning how to cook with seasonal ingredients means you Read the full article…

Use this brilliant step-by-step guide for puff pastry, and add the crowning touch to your pies, puds and sausage rolls. INGREDIENTS (makes 600g) 250g plain flour, plus extra for dusting 40g cold lard 160g cold unsalted butter METHOD Mix the flour with ¼ of a teaspoon of sea salt in a bowl, then cube and Read the full article…