Christmas cookies hanging on a christmas tree branch

Get all your loved ones together and whip up a few batches of special occasion cookies to enjoy with a festive movie. These cookie recipes are perfect for this time of year!

From Everything cookies, which will use up all those festive leftovers, to Apple crumble cookies, which only need five ingredients, plus gluten- and dairy-free options, whatever your favourite flavours, you’re sure to find them right here. Have fun!

Sweet white chocolate is beautifully combined with sour cranberries for the perfect pairing. When you take them out of the oven, leave them to cool a little to crisp up before eating – if you can resist!

The festive season was made for making gingerbread with the kids! They’ll have almost as much fun decorating their little people as they will eating them. 

These cookies are ideal to make post-Christmas, as they use up any beautiful festive ingredients you have lying around. From nuts and dried fruit to toffees and chocolates, throw it all in for the most delicious cookies.


Christmas cookies hanging on a christmas tree branch

These cookies make great decorations, but if you want to just eat them, we won’t judge!  And if you’re a beginner, then our step-by-step is super-useful..

Using just five ingredients, these cookies are the ones to make in an emergency, when all your best-laid plans go out the window (we all have cookie emergencies, right?). So quick, so easy, so delicious.

Ever wondered what to do with leftover candy canes? Crush, then sprinkle them through these minty chocolate cookies, which make very tempting mid-afternoon treats. 

These iced cookies are just great for kids, as they can label what they make, meaning  there (shouldn’t) be any fighting over whose biscuit is whose. And if they make it to dinnertime, they also make fun table placeholders. 

A delicious cross between crunchy cookies and gooey brownies, these are utterly irresistible. And being gluten-free too, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give in to temptation!

When it comes to biscuits to dunk in tea or milk, these are the ones. And little fingers will love helping to flatten them slightly before baking. For more gluten-free festive biscuit recipes, check this out

And if cookies are too easy for you, why not try to make a…

For those who fancy a bit of construction, this is a great holiday project. 

Or if you just fancy some baking, make…

The festive flavours make these scones so much tastier than your everyday ones. There’s even a dollop of cranberry jam in a nod to an old friend, the Jammie Dodger. It’s afternoon tea with a winter-holiday vibe.