If you’re hosting a children’s party or sleepover during the holidays, why not get the kids to do the catering? It’s a fun way to keep them busy and get them excited about some fresh new flavours. Plus, fussy eaters are way more likely to get stuck into a dish they’ve enjoyed making themselves.


Simple recipes such as these fluffy, thick pancakes are a great place to start. This method uses a mug instead of scales, so it’s super-easy for the little ones to get involved.

This pizza is so easy and fun to make, plus the delicious tomato sauce is packed with hidden veggies. Help the children make a few bases, which they can then top and decorate themselves with their favourite combos.

Let the kids create their own combos with these fun rainbow veggie kebabs. Help them chop everything into one big bowl, then let them thread the pieces they’d like onto their kebab sticks.

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Making popcorn is great fun with kids, just make sure you supervise them near the hot oil. This recipe is finished off with Marmite, but you can get creative with other sweet or savoury flavours – maple syrup, cinnamon, or even mixed herbs all work well.

Healthier than ice cream… but just as delicious! Get the children to choose their favourite fruit to freeze in the morning, then help them blitz it all up. Let the kids scoop it into cones or bowls, and decorate with sprinkles or drizzles of honey.

A huge platter of mango, papaya, kiwi and pineapple is definitely something to get excited about! Enlist a little helper to chop up all the different types of fruit, scatter with mint and dollops of yoghurt, and let everyone dig in!

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