No-yeast bread - soda bread on a wooden board

Making your own bread is a therapeutic and rewarding task, and a great thing to do with the kids when you’ve got time on your hands. We’ve chosen our favourite simple bread recipes that don’t require yeast, proving or too much kneading: minimal ingredients and maximum reward.

There are lots of different flours to try, so give wholewheat, rye or spelt a go, or experiment with blending a few different ones. Unleash your inner baker, and bring on the joy!

You don’t need to wait hours for your dough to rise with this easy soda bread recipe – just whack it in the oven!


This delicious take on traditional soda bread uses rye flour and oats for added texture and flavour. Yum!


Try something different and add some dark chocolate and crunchy nuts to your dough – perfect with a cuppa!


Brilliantly simple and super-fun to make, these flatbreads use just three ingredients – great with soup, stew or curry.


Light, fluffy and quick to knock together, this four-ingredient coconut bread uses a store-cupboard staple in a really exciting way.


Give this versatile flatbread recipe a go and enjoy with your favourite dips and veggies – anything will work.


These speedy yoghurt flatbreads are delicious – mix up the toppings and enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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