what do they eat on Everest?
So you’re at 6,400 metres and in a couple of weeks you’ll be making your ascent to the top of the tallest mountain in the world Mount Everest and you’re feeling a bit peckish – so what do you eat? You’ve got a bag full of dehydrated meals, stews and curries, but you need to keep the weight up as altitude burns calories. Well our friend Daniel Hughes has compiled a set of video blogs explaining how he, with a lot of help from the local Sherpas, manages to get the necessary 6,000 calories into his system.
Daniel is climbing the mountain to raise £1m for Red Nose Day and will get to the summit around May 14th. To sponsor him £1 or more got to www.everestmillion.com for info.
In the first of his video food diaries he watches as he is cooked up pancakes with a chocolate sauce; now Daniel is burning all of these calories off remember, this is not a diet you should be following at anything like sea-level!
Commercial pilot Daniel, 31, said: “It’s really hard to keep the weight on up here, but that’s fine as I enjoy eating and I have a sweet tooth.
“But ultimately this isn’t about me, I really need your help too. A million pounds is a seriously big target and I need all the help I can get to achieve this. I would love to work with you, to tell the world about this campaign. From spreading the word through social media, telling your friends, to joining me at some of my events, having your support will really make  a difference… it will put a big smile on my face too! Its not just my big chance, but hopefully our big chance to do something amazing to help others… we need 1 million people to donate just £1 each.”
So watch the video of Daniel and get donating –
Good luck from all of us here at JamieOliver.com and stay safe!