Egg recipes - eggs royale salmon with hollandaise sauce

Eggs! We love ‘em: scrambled and on toast; soft-boiled and ready for dipping; knocked up into a super-fluffy omelette; whipped into meringues or slowly cooked into custard. There’s an endless list of things you can do with them. This guide walks you through the proper basics - cracking, separating, and some egg recipes for inspo.


Separating an egg might seem daunting if you haven’t tried it before, but this video shows you how to do it in under a minute. Don’t worry if you do get a bit of shell in the egg white – just watch this video for Jamie’s top tip on how to rescue it.

There are loads of great egg recipes to make with yolks, but one of the tastiest is hollandaise sauce. Try Jamie’s recipe for Super eggs Benedict which makes for the most epic weekend brunch. There’s more hollandaise than you need, but you can refrigerate what you don’t need and use it almost like a mayonnaise over the next few days. Hot fluffy muffins are important for the perfect eggs Benny, but really good wafer-thin smoked ham is essential. Yum! 


Egg whites are super-versatile, and the fantastic Raymond Blanc shares his tips in this video for whipping whites to perfect peaks. We’d recommend turning those peaks into 

beautiful rhubarb and strawberry pavlovas or speedy peach & almond Alaskas.

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