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Over the last two years, the boys have tackled wonky veg and use-by dates in an effort to reduce the amount of food we chuck away. But still, in Britain we throw out 10 million tonnes for food every year – 60% of which could be avoided.

For instance, every single day we waste a whopping 24 million slices of bread. That’s a lot! So we’re sharing some canny recipes to use stale bread. Make breadcrumbs from your stale loaves and use for herby crust-toppers to sprinkle over pastas, risottos and stews, in burgers to make them stretch a bit further, or as croutons for topping soups and salads Enjoy!

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This Tuscan soup is delicious. Roasted fresh cherry tomatoes are great, but it also works really well just with good-quality tinned.

A Sunday roast classic – bread sauce works best with day-old bread, so that it soaks up all the lovely flavour from the studded onion and milk.

You can make this hearty bread and tomato salad with any type of slightly stale bread. The crunchy chunks soak up all the juices and olive oil and become little flavour-bombs!

The breadcrumbs really take this pasta bake to the next level. The added beauty of this dish is you can freeze any leftovers, ready for another day when you’re short on time.

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