gluten free mince pies with star pastry tops and icing sugar sprinkled

Being gluten-free at Christmas needn't be a chore! We've rounded up our favourite recipes for a feast that's bound to impress everyone around your dinner table this festive season. From starters and mains to puds and sauces, we've got you covered.

Smoked salmon is a lovely, fuss-free and great no-gluten way to start the big meal. This easy but delicious recipe is the perfect light and fresh antidote to those heavy Christmas flavours.

A turkey centrepiece doesn’t pose any problems for the gluten intolerant, but what about those all-important Christmas dinner trimmings? Never fear, we’ve got it covered – check out this gorgeous gluten-free parsnip, pork and apple stuffing.

Get your sauces spot-on and everything else will follow suit! Have a go at this brilliant bread sauce (minus the gluten, of course).

This gorgeous gravy is made by thickening the pan juices with cornflour, which is naturally gluten-free. It’s so simple and will finish off your turkey beautifully.  

End the meal the traditional way with this classic Christmas pudding. It’s got all of flavour yet none of the gluten (flaming entrance optional).

Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a plate of mince pies to pick at! And this genius gluten-free recipe means everyone can get involved. Your guests will never know the difference…

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