jamie oliver holding trophy at event

Jamie has been honoured by USA’s Harvard School of Public Health for his work in combating childhood obesity.

Jamie received the school’s prestigious Healthy Cup Award in recognition of his ‘substantial achievements in working to end the childhood obesity epidemic’ at a sold-out lecture and reception at the Joseph P. Martin Conference Center in Boston, on Tuesday.

Jamie said: “I’m honoured to receive the Healthy Cup Award this year.
“I’ve seen how the power of television can inspire people to make positive changes and I will continue to make programs and speak up about important food issues to rally the public.”

The Healthy Cup Award is presented by Harvard School of Public Health's Nutrition Round Table, a group that helps to bridge the gap between scientific advances and sustainable changes in food policy, practices, and products, with a focus on obesity, healthy lifestyles, global nutrition, and chronic diseases.
Members include scientific experts, business leaders, restaurateurs, health educators and health care providers, writers, doctors, philanthropists, and concerned citizens.

Julio Frenk, Dean of Harvard School of Public Health said: “Jamie Oliver has been a pioneer in health communication, bringing home the seriousness of the childhood obesity epidemic to an audience of millions. By advocating for change in school meals and for better education around healthy eating and cooking, Jamie Oliver is, on a large scale, battling this critical problem.”