jimmy from friday night feast

Check out Jimmy’s projects from series 5 of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.

Each week, Jimmy rolls up his sleeves and builds a clever gadget or piece of cooking kit from scratch. Have a go at home yourself with these handy PDF guides.

Episode 1 – Korean Grill Bench 

It’s a picnic table and a Korean grill all rolled into one! And with the simple addition of a few extra planks, Jimmy’s build becomes wheelchair accessible. So grab your toolbox, and have a go at putting together this year’s hottest garden accessory!

Episode 2 – Vertical Veg Garden

If you’re low on outdoor space but keen to grow your own, check out Jimmy’s design for a vertical vegetable garden! By adding an irrigation system to a simple trellis, Jimmy’s build is perfect for tomatoes, courgettes and all sorts of other veg.

Episode 3 – Clam Bake

Using an ancient technique based on burying food with hot coals, Jimmy’s creation this week is a fantastic way to cook shellfish. Plus, by using a wheelbarrow, you can move your freshly baked food exactly where you want it.

Episode 4 – Ice-cream Dispenser

Take your DIY skills up a notch, and turn a portable freezer into an ice-cream dispenser! Jimmy’s build this week is an incredible way to impress friends and family with your own soft-scoop creations.

Episode 5 – Wood-Burning Oven

A pizza oven is an amazing way to cook with super-high temperatures, giving you beautiful crispy pizza bases and lovely smoky flavours. Plus, Jimmy’s design this week doubles up as a barbecue. Win-win!

Episode 6 – Smokehouse

Smoking is such a fantastic way to preserve fish and meat, and also a fun way to pack in extra flavour to foods such as butter, oils and garlic. This week, Jimmy shows how easy it is to make your own smoker from scratch.

Episode 7 – Woodland kitchen

Simply digging a hole in the ground will take your campsite cooking to new levels. Jimmy explains how the earth and extra coals will insulate your pot for gorgeous, slow-cooked alfresco treats.

Episode 8 – DIY hog roast

Nothing beats a whole roast hog when it comes to getting a party going, and this week Jimmy shows you how to achieve perfect crackling and tender meat in your own roaster – built from scratch!

Episode 9 – Toolbox steamer

Fancy recycling an old toolbox and dishing up some delicately cooked treats at the same time? The layered compartments of a classic toolbox make the perfect steamer – ideal for veg or dumplings.

Episode 10 – Dehydrator

Taking the moisture out of fruit and veg is a fantastic way to preserve it and concentrate the flavour. Jimmy’s dehydrator is a fun garden project that will reward you with plenty of tasty treats!

Episode 11 – Beer fridge

Who doesn’t want their own personal bar in the garden?! Jimmy shows us how to make a wooden counter, complete with beer pump, for the ultimate party piece.

Episode 12 – Butcher’s block

By cutting and reshaping blocks of beech wood,  Jimmy creates a gorgeous butcher’s block. You can either keep the board as a stand alone chopping surface, or follow Jimmy’s lead and attach it to a kitchen cabinet.

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