Leftover mashed potato recipe

We’ve all ended up with a load of mashed potato after making a meal, but these lovely leftovers don’t need to be destined for the bin.

Mashed potato is super versatile and can be used in so many ways. Plus, having leftovers on hand will save you time in the kitchen! From simple potato cakes to a one-pot sausage casserole, get creative with your leftovers and enjoy our 8 flavour-packed mashed potato recipes.

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Having leftover mashed potato means you can skip a few steps in this recipe and save precious time. This beautiful sausage & mash pie with creamy leeks, apples and thyme is guaranteed to be a new family favourite. 

These potato cakes work brilliantly for a simple starter or light lunch. Simply combine leftover mashed potato with flour and an egg yolk, then pan-fry until golden and crisp. 

With just a handful of ingredients, this one-pot wonder of sausages, potato and veg is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Swap out the Cumberland sausages for veggie sausages for a meat-free meal. 

For the ultimate leftover meal, combine mashed potato with leftover braised beef, mustard, gherkins and herbs, then form into patties and coat with golden panko breadcrumbs, before frying. Delicious served with dressed rocket and a poached egg. What’s not to love?

Super comforting and nutritious, this veggie cottage pie recipe combines porcini mushrooms, root vegetables, Marmite & crispy rosemary – a brilliant way to celebrate glorious veggies.

Indian spices completely transform humble mashed potato into crispy hot potato balls. Squashed into buns with a quick mango and pomegranate chutney, fresh mint yoghurt and Bombay mix sprinkles, these potato balls are ridiculously good. 

Tender, succulent beef and rich Guinness pair perfectly in this wonderfully comforting pie topped with creamy mash. One that’s worth the effort. 

This classic British recipe is a fantastic way of using up any leftover veg. As long as you use 60% potato, you can make the rest up using whatever you’ve got to hand – chopped root veg, greens, crumbled chestnuts, herbs, crispy bacon or leftover meat. It’s totally flexible and it’ll be delicious in a different way every time you make it – that’s exciting! 

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