british brown crab by fishermen and jamie

On Friday Night Feast, the boys found out exactly what makes Brown crab such a brilliant choice, and ask how we can support this British industry.

The UK has the biggest fishery of Brown crab in western Europe, landing a massive 30 thousand tonnes a year. Yet we Brits are losing our appetite for this delicious seafood. It now forms less than 0.5% of the seafood eaten in the UK, and it’s getting harder to find on our supermarket shelves.

What is Brown crab?

The UK’s native Brown crab species is the heaviest variety of edible crab on our shorelines. Its versatile white and brown meat can be used in loads of delicious recipes – from crab cakes to crab pasta or just a straight-up sarnie. Brown crabs are caught all year round, but are most abundant and best to eat in spring, summer and autumn. It’s best to avoid eating crabs during winter spawning months.

Why is it sustainable?

Most Brown crabs are caught by the ‘potting’ method, which is a low-impact method that doesn’t disturb the sea bed and targets only the species they are aiming for. It also allows fishermen to throw back small crabs that have not yet had the opportunity to reach maturity and reproduce.

Is it a healthy choice?

Yes! Brown crab contains omega-3 fatty acids, which we need for heart function and to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It is also high in protein.

How do we eat more?

On average we eat crab just twice a year. Many people are concerned about preparing a crab – but don’t be put off, here’s our easy video guide:


Meanwhile, you can ask your fishmonger to prepare crab for you, or look for picked crab meat in your supermarket.



brown crab spaghetti recipe

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