Jamie holding a prawn kebab

Whether you go for simple Greek-style koftes, Indian-spiced skewers or a full-blown Middle-Eastern feast, rustle up the ultimate Friday night fakeaway with a delicious homemade kebab. Nearly every cuisine in the world has a version of this street-food favourite, and the best thing about this versatile dish is you can totally make it your own.

We’ve chosen a few of our homemade kebab recipes to inspire you, but the key is to have fun with it – mix up the sides and toppings, and get stuck in with family and friends.

Marinate a beautiful shoulder of lamb in garlic, oregano and lemon, then cook until almost burnt-looking, but still blushing inside. Serve in the middle of the table with flatbreads, a sunshine salad and homemade chips topped with feta cheese. Epic!


Bring the flavours of the tandoor to your table with these tikka-inspired skewers. The ready-made curry paste packs a real punch in one spoonful and the pineapple adds a surprise sweetness that’s great for balancing out the spice.


Colourful, fun and full of the good stuff, these chargrilled kebabs are a great way to get kids cooking and eating veg – get them involved in building their own and they’ll go down a storm.


Toss juicy prawns, roasted peppers and chunks of bread in a marinade of garlic, lemon and parsley, then skewer up and grill – or barbecue – to perfection. Serve on a quick tomato sauce with a sprinkling of feta and a crack of black pepper.


This beautiful combination of salty halloumi, sweet peaches and the smokiness from the barbecue will bring the Greek-style vibes in no time. Best served with a chilled glass of wine on a hot summer’s day.


Gnarly and full of flavour, these spicy Nigerian beef skewers are inspired by a famous suya shack in Lagos. Eat them straight off the grill with a squeeze of lemon and a speedy cabbage and cucumber salad. Yum.


These summery skewers are so easy to prepare – simply wrap prawns in smoky pancetta, barbecue until crisp and golden and serve with a colourful and refreshing salad of watermelon, cucumber and feta. Absolute perfection.


Inspired by the street-food favourite, this pork souvlaki recipe is full of Greek flavours. With succulent pork marinated in garlic, herbs and lemon, smoky chargrilled peppers and creamy tzatziki, prepare to be transported to sunnier climes on the very first bite.


Hero the humble chickpea by combining with fragrant herbs and spices in these gorgeous veggie koftes. Just make sure there’s plenty of the creamy cashew and peanut sauce to go round, it takes this dish to the next level!


A veggie version of the Middle Eastern staple: layers of marinated mushrooms are grilled until dark and gnarly, and doused in pomegranate molasses, then carved into flatbreads, drizzled with tahini and finished with a fiery salsa and a pinch of dukkah.


These lamb kebabs are super-simple to prepare and make a great addition to any summertime spread. Delicious served with Greek-style yoghurt and refreshing cucumber to cut through the richness of the meat.


A kind of kebab salad, these chicken and garlic bread skewers are genius. Served with a vibrant combination of blood orange, spinach and feta, this dish is the guaranteed super food family favourite.

And for all those extra bits…

Kebabs are all about personalisation, and it’s the extras that you can truly get creative with. 

If you want to go all out, serve your kebab with homemade flatbreads or pittas for a classic accompaniment or do as the Greeks do and dish up with a pile of chips

For something crunchy, go for a simple rainbow slaw, a quick chopped salad or a herby tabbouleh

Give your kebab some extra heat with this grilled chilli dressing, try something zingy with an easy homemade pickle or cool things down with a creamy yoghurt and mint dip