bowl of healthy oats with berries and yoghurt on top

Breakfast! As is often said, it’s the most important meal of the day. So, to celebrate, we’ve pulled together our top 10 healthy breakfast recipes.

These span quick weekday wonders, to epic weekend brunches. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got your healthy breakfast covered.

It’s difficult to believe that chocolate could ever be a healthy breakfast, but this really is! Quality cocoa powder gives us chocolaty goodness, but without all the sugar and sat fat from using actual chocolate.


Juicy, sweet pineapple is a good source of the mineral manganese, which is one of the nutrients our bodies need in order to keep our metabolic systems nice and healthy. Give it a go!


Beautiful blueberries add a vibrant pop of colour, while also giving us a vitamin C boost. A gorgeous and healthy breakfast.


Eating a tasty, healthy breakfast is a great way to help kick-start your day. Make a big batch of this mix-and-match cereal, then store it for up to four weeks.


This works for breakfast, brunch or lunch. It’s a lovely contrast of textures and flavours, and a total pleasure to eat.


Delicious, bold and so easy to knock together, this healthy breakfast is a real winner. Plus, it’s gluten-free.


Spinach is super-high in vitamin K, which we need to keep our bones strong and healthy. Looks like Popeye was a big fan of a healthy breakfast, too!


This fruity pancake batter is perfect for vegans and people who are sensitive to gluten.


A super-delicious, protein-rich, high-fibre recipe that makes a healthy breakfast or brunch.


A riot of colour, spices, texture and flavour – this rice recipe is just glorious, and a fresh take on brunch.

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