Perfect picnic

There are very few things more fitting than a really good picnic as spring turns to summer. Warmth, good food, and the great outdoors – what could be better?

To get you inspired, we’ve picked out a bunch of brilliant picnic food and drink combos that will cater to all tastes and help you make the most of the summer.

British favourites

Whether we’re out celebrating a few days of sun or persevering under an umbrella, we Brits love a picnic – and we do the food pretty well, too. Keep things simple with homemade sausage rolls, or go all out and make your own Scotch eggs. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to make good use of some seasonal favourites. 

This refreshing Elderflower lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to any picnic spread, and the frozen berries will keep everything nice and cool.

Family-friendly picnic food

Nothing beats a family picnic, and feeding a crowd of adults and kids is super-easy with a few family favourites up your sleeve. Think about recipes that are fun and colourful to keep kids interested and are big enough on flavour that the adults will love them, too. Try homemade houmous with crunchy veg for dipping or gorgeous grilled chicken skewers. Buddy’s simple sweet treat will be a winner with everyone, too.

For an easy way to keep the kids (and adults) hydrated, try Jamie’s quick & easy flavoured water.

Vegetarian picnic ideas

Whether it’s a spicy veggie dip, a colourful picnic pie or a retro take on Greek salad, meat-free feasts can be colourful, exciting and a real celebration of seasonal ingredients. Make plenty, as even the most hardcore meat lovers will have their eye on these veggie delights.

Top off your picnic with Jamie’s homemade ginger beer – it’s quick and easy to make and full of fiery, fresh flavours.

Extra bits

And let’s not forget the little extras to finish off your perfect picnic. Say goodbye to soggy salads with a quick jam jar dressing or rustle up an easy tomato chutney that goes with just about anything. Make your own tear ’n’ share or flavoured focaccia bread for mopping and dipping, and balance out rich pastries and cheese with these instant pickled onions for a bit of zing.

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