A wrapped up soft tortilla with colourful veg and coriander

From warming soups to colourful salads and comforting pasta, we’ve got loads of inspiration for quick-cook recipes to help you eat well and save energy.

If the thought of your fuel bill is making meal-planning that little bit more difficult, you’re not alone. Many of us are thinking twice about switching on the oven, opting for quicker and more energy-efficient ways to cook. But this isn’t always easy in winter when we’re craving hearty, slow-cooked comfort food! 

We’re here to help you tick all the boxes – providing inspiration for recipes that are not only big on flavour, but will fill you up with the good stuff in 15 minutes or less. Plus, there’s no need to turn on the oven, so you can feel calmer, knowing that you’re minimising your energy consumption in the kitchen. 

So if you’re looking for speedy, nutritious recipes, you’ve come to the right place. From warming soups and colourful salads to fantastic fish and comforting pasta, we’ve got loads of inspiration for quick-cook recipes to help you eat well and save energy. 

Packed with a whopping four of your 5-a-day, this speedy, veggie wrap contains budget-friendly ingredients and plenty of flavour coming from spice, herbs and feta. And of course, it’s ready in a matter of minutes! 

This is a super-simple recipe, perfect for when you need dinner on the table FAST! You’ll find most ingredients in your store cupboard and it’s budget-friendly too. Boost your 5-a-day by folding in a handful of spinach at the end. 

Easy on the wallet and super quick to make, this is tasty fast food. To boost your 5-a-day, add  160g of shredded cabbage at step 2 and stir-fry for a couple of minutes before continuing with the recipe.

Satisfying and moreish, this recipe cleverly packs in an impressive four of your 5-a-day, while being comforting and full of flavour. With smart shortcuts and tricks, this is a winner of a seasonal recipe. Swap squash for pumpkin if you have some to use up, or use frozen chunks of squash to reduce waste. 

Super quick falafels

This is filling, veggie fast food at its best! And it’s good for you too! With plenty of ideas for easy ingredient swaps, you don’t need to worry about having all the ingredients to whip up this delicious meal. 

This hearty, autumnal soup is a real crowd-pleaser, and, made with rice, it’s filling enough for a main meal. Quick to rustle up and big on flavour, it contains a very respectable two of your 5-a-day too! 


*Disclaimer: Our “nutritious” recipes contain at least three of the food groups and at least one portion of veg. We monitor portion size and make sure recipes are within the green or amber colour-coded scale for saturated fat, salt and sugar, and include a supporting health claim (available upon request).

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