Four plates of messy meaball buns - Sandwich recipes

Take lunchtime to the next level with our flavour-packed sandwich ideas. We’re talking epic sausage baps, steak sarnies, chip butties and beyond – our top sandwich fillings are a feast for all the senses.

Nothing livens up lunchtime quite like a really good sandwich: soft bread, a flavour-packed filling and a condiment or two – delicious. And while we love a classic combo, with just a little bit more effort, you can create something truly special. From a spiced-up chip butty to a twist on a New York favourite, we’ve pulled together our top sandwich ideas to celebrate just how versatile and exciting the humble sarnie can be.

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Brighten up your day with this epic sarnie from Jamie’s bestselling cookbook 5 Ingredients Mediterranean. Perfectly cooked sausage is topped with Manchego-stuffed peppers and sandwiched between a sweet brioche bun – dreamy. Go ahead and swap in a veggie sausage here, if that’s your thing. 

Soft rolls loaded with hot, crispy potato balls, sweet chutney, fresh mint yoghurt and crunchy Bombay mix – this spiced-up chip butty is all about contrasts. Swap the soft rolls for a chapati and top with a chopped salad for an Indian-style wrap. Yes, please!

These 5-ingredient meatball buns are delicious – and perfect for encouraging little ones to get hands-on in the kitchen. With pesto, mozzarella and a tomato sauce for dunking, they are a dream come true.

Inspired by an iconic sandwich from Louisiana, Jamie’s take on a po’ boy is out-of-this-world delicious. Salmon is tossed in a Cajun-spiced yoghurt, then fried until gnarly and stuffed into a submarine roll with shredded lettuce, jalapeño salsa and juicy tomatoes. You’re gonna love it. 

Take scrambled eggs up a notch with this seriously good sandwich. Sticky, spiced tomato chutney is stuffed into a soft roll, then topped with scrambled eggs, quick pickled red onion and fresh coriander. What a joy. 

Channel the New York sandwich scene at home with Jamie’s twist on a classic Reuben. Layer pastrami, sauerkraut and gherkins onto nutty rye bread, grate over Swiss cheese and toast until oozy and melted. If you’re after a veggie version, simply leave out the pastrami, or swap it for thin slices of roasted beetroot. 

Upgrade your fish finger sandwich with this jazzed-up version. Crispy, Parmesan-coated fish piled into a soft bun, with minted mushy peas and punchy tartare sauce – what more could you want?

Cooking onions until they’re beautifully sweet and caramelised is the key to this sensational steak sandwich. Served in a warm ciabatta roll to soak up all the juices and with lashings of mustard – it doesn’t get much better.

If you’re after a super stripped-back version of a steak sandwich, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a great recipe to get the kids cooking (supervised, of course!) and you’ll only need a handful of ingredients.   

Go all out with this mega brunch bap – we’re talking golden pork or veggie sausage, a cheesy egg omelette, gnarly mushrooms, creamy avo and a dash of hot sauce for good measure. What a treat!

For this wicked chicken bap, marinate thighs in lemon, garlic and chilli, then bake until golden and crispy. Serve in toasted rolls with a generous helping of zingy, homemade coleslaw for a taste and texture sensation. Tofu would work brilliantly in place of the chicken here – simply marinate it, then fry or grill to your liking. 

You can’t beat a bacon sandwich, but what’s the secret to making the perfect one? Jamie and his mate Pete battle it out to make the ultimate bacon sarnie, and just about the only thing they can agree on is that it’s got to be smoked bacon…

Recreate a comfort food classic with this epic meatball sandwich. Hot subs are filled with oozy, cheese-covered meatballs and doused in an incredible homemade gravy. Top with watercress for a bit of freshness, and – the best bit – serve with extra gravy for dunking.

Gennaro’s take on a meatball sub serves 12, so it’s perfect if you’re feeding a crowd or throwing a party. Juicy meatballs are cooked in a roasted red pepper sauce until beautifully golden, then topped with melted smoked mozzarella – so good.

You’ll only need a few ingredients for this fantastic chorizo sandwich, but it’s off-the-charts delicious. Smashed chickpeas are tossed with chilli-spiked tomatoes and piled into bread rolls, then topped with grilled chorizo and fresh rocket – what’s not to love? Feel free to swap in grilled halloumi for a veggie version. 

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