Simple easter bakes - ricciarelli cookies

When it comes to Easter, our minds turn to one thing – chocolate, spice and all things nice! Whether you’re a cake-making pro or complete novice, our top baking recipes for Easter are guaranteed to go down a treat.

We have you covered with a gorgeous selection of seasonal favourites from traditional simnel cake and hot cross buns with a twist to gooey salted caramel brownies. So round up the kids, roll up your sleeves and get your mixing spoons ready for a spring baking extravaganza.

Topped with caramelised marzipan, this traditional Easter cake is laced with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, and bursting with dried fruit. If you’re after a sponge that’s just for grown-ups, soak the fruit in whisky overnight.

Tangy seasonal rhubarb pairs perfectly with homemade custard in this vibrant tart. Making your own pastry is so rewarding, but you can easily swap in shop-bought pastry for a time-saving shortcut. 

As baking recipes for Easter go, this cake is something special. It looks super-impressive, but you won’t need a whole load of ingredients. We’re talking light coconut sponge layered with mango jam and decorated with zesty lime icing – so good. 

Swap the dark chocolate for leftover Easter eggs in this decadent cheesecake – just make sure you reduce the sugar to taste, as it’ll probably be sweet enough. Feel free to decorate with cute Easter treats, like small chocolate bunnies or mini chocolate eggs. 

If you’re entertaining this Easter, give this lovely loaf a try – it’s perfect for feeding a crowd. Filled with chunks of chocolate, lots of lovely dried fruit and hazelnuts, it makes a great afternoon treat. 

Transform shop-bought hot cross buns into something spectacular with this twist on a bread and butter pudding. By bigging up store-cupboard ingredients, it’s not only delicious, but easy on the wallet, too. 

Go big with this classic Neapolitan tart – it hits the spot every time. With crumbly pastry, surrounding orange-spiked ricotta and a drizzle of honey – it’s a thing of beauty.


With their secret chocolate melting middle, these next-level hot cross buns taste even better than they look. Swap your pastry brush for a sprig of rosemary, and serve warm from the oven glazed with a little honey.

Give ordinary bread dough an Easter makeover with this fun crowd-pleaser. Starring dried fruit and mixed spice, this recipe makes a satisfying tear ’n’ share that’s so good with a cuppa. A great one to make with the kids.

Chewy, chocolatey and super-easy to make, these almond biscuits are an Italian classic. They also happen to be gluten-free, making them ideal for those who can’t tolerate wheat.

For a fun spin on the classic, give these hot cross muffins a whirl. Made with naturally gluten-free buckwheat flour, plus cranberries, apple and a sweet orange icing cross, this is full-on Easter flavour without any of the proving time.

What could be better than chocolate brownies? Brownies rippled with homemade salted caramel, of course – the perfect Easter treat. Whip up a batch and watch them disappear.

For something special, this chai-infused carrot cake hits all the right notes. Think warming spices, sweet currants, crunchy pecans, lashings of cream-cheese frosting and toasted coconut.

If you’re nuts about nuts, you’ll love these crunchy dairy- and gluten-free biscuits. Simply fold toasted pecans and hazelnuts into a heavenly cocoa mixture and bake to perfection. Job done.

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