ginger with the skin being shaved off with a spoon

Punchy and fragrant, warming and spicy, fresh ginger is a powerful ingredient, both in terms of flavour and nutrition.

A good source of potassium (so great for our nervous systems!), ginger also helps to maintain normal blood pressure, and is supposedly an aphrodisiac, too. Just as well it tastes so good.

Sliced into hot tea with a squeeze of lemon juice, grated into marinades or dipping sauces, cooked in curries and stir-fries or blitzed into smoothies for added zing and spice, ginger is a real all-rounder. Here are our favourite recipes that make ginger the hero.

For a hum of warmth and spice, a grating of ginger in your morning smoothie will wake up your tastebuds, and give you a hit of goodness to start the day.

Grated and mixed with soy sauce, honey, spring onion, chilli and thyme, ginger is the hero in this Caribbean-inspired dish. Slathered on chicken wings and grilled, this is guaranteed to get you smoky, sweet, spicy and wonderfully sticky results.

This healthy dinner will certainly make your nose run. A punchy, spicy ginger and chilli paste forms the base of this delicious soup, which is layered with tofu, soy, honey, and plenty of fresh chives to really make the flavours pop.

Bringing Vietnamese summer rolls to winter, this recipe heros seasonal ingredients with delicious kale, pomegranate and lots of pickled ginger. To make a kicking dipping sauce to go with it, combine more ginger with soy, sesame oil, sweet chilli sauce and lime juice. It’s just as good with spring rolls, samosas and gyozas, too.

If ginger actually is an aphrodisiac, then this is a double whammy. Ginger and chilli make fresh oysters sing in this simple recipe – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Perfect if you’re feeling a little under the weather, these noodles are quick to prep and even quicker to cook. Flavoured with a ginger and garlic dressing, and served with a runny egg on top, this is a healthy dinner that tastes as good as it’ll make you feel.