Beef Wellington

Less is definitely more when it comes to this seriously-special twist on a classic Wellington. Blushing seared beef fillet, smothered in mushroom pâté, all wrapped up in a gorgeous spinach pancake and golden puff pastry parcel. Any leftovers are a joy – just make sure it’s piping hot to serve. Stuffed with chestnuts, sage, dried cranberries, […]

hungary food - goulash with sour cream and chives on top

By Reka Varga So let’s try and describe the food of Hungary in one word; let’s go for diverse. Not only because of its historical background is the food so varied but in no small part was Hungarian cuisine was influenced by Italian cuisine during the Renaissance, ancient Turkish cuisine during the Ottoman era, Austrian Read the full article…

breakfast recipe - eggs, bacon and crumpets fried on a wooden fire

Mothering Sunday’s origins actually have little to do with mothers. It started in the 16th century as a celebration for the whole family, when the servants of rich households would get a day off so the family could come together and go to their “mother church” – the largest in the area. Usually the servant children Read the full article…