chickpea and lamb curry with coriander and rice

Slow cooking is the perfect way to cut prepping time and make simple ingredients really sing. From overnight porridge to stews you can come home to, with a bit of organisation slow-cooker dishes can become an easy part of any midweek menu. Savvy shopping and cooking cheaper cuts low and slow could help cut the weekly food bill, too.

Brisket is an absolute winner – it’s a cut of meat that’s bursting with flavour and when cooked slowly it’s so tender it just melts in your mouth. This old-school Greek dish uses red wine and shallots to really take the beef to another level.

Here, veggies get the slow treatment in a gorgeous aubergine daal. A longer cook allows the lentils to simmer with the spices and split-peas, creating a flavour-packed supper. Serve with homemade chapatis for a full-on dose of comfort.

This stew proves that slow cooking can take even the simplest of recipes to another level. Fragrant fennel and sweet bay help lift this humble stew from midweek meal to weekend showstopper! Serve with creamy mash for a hearty pick-me-up on those colder days.

Give the takeaway a miss and get this super-simple curry on the go. Slow-cooked lamb is always an absolute joy, and brings everything in this recipe together. It’s jam-packed with beans and pulses, too – a genius way to make your slow cooker dishes go a little further.

Slow cooking isn’t just for savoury stews and curries. This lightly spiced rice pudding tastes even creamier after a slow, gentle cook – perfect with stewed fruit or homemade jam. Get this on the go before a long walk for a warming welcome home.

Think you’re ready to become a slow pro? Here are five tips from the guys at SORTED Food to help you nail your slow cooker dish every time. Fore more inspiration, check out our collection of simple and delicious recipes.


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