vegetarian recipes

You really don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy the amazing variety of meat-free dining from Jamie. From traditional pastas to pies and salads, the possibilities are endless. For the next few weeks we’ll be celebrating the vegetarian diet with features, videos, tips and blogs from Jamie’s team – but let’s start off with the all-time smashers from Jamie’s recipe collections. I had a little ask around the office for some of Jamie’s closest colleagues’ picks of the veggie bunch.

My personal favourite is the Veggie Chilli, not just because I’m a sucker for chillies, but the cooling avocado salad with crunchy tortillas is unbeatably tempting. This has all the Mexican trademarks with a clever Jamie twist. Beautiful – oh, and ready in 15 minutes!

Another of Jamie’s staff who loves veggie food is Holly. The Smoky Veg Bruschetta with Chilli makes humble vegetables really special in her opinion. She admits to sometimes having them twice a week she loves them so much! Share them out at the start of a BBQ, no-one will miss the meat.

Again spice is favoured by Richard, who manages Jamie’s Food Tube channel, as his all-time favourite is the Keralan Curry. This comes with a refreshing minty yoghurt , colourful rice and a crunchy poppadum. And just to prove he is no slouch in the kitchen, he can cook this in 15 minutes as well.

Graphics guru Brad, not a man to shy away from his meat protein, likes the idea of filling meals so the Squash and Ricotta Pasta Bake is right up his street. Hearty and Italian, what’s not to love? Ricotta and Squash aren’t the obvious choice for bold flavours to go with pasta, but the seasoning and richness makes this really memorable and perfect for family mealtimes.

Last up is Malou from the Editorial team. She is bonkers about the Incredible Sicilian Aubergine Stew Caponata. Making sure you use the best and firmest aubergines you can get your hands on, this stew can be eaten hot as a meal in itself or cold as an antipasta. Delicious.

Just look at the entire Vegetarian food category page to see how many recipes Jamie has devoted to it. Remember keep an eye on the site for vegetarian-inspired features and videos throughout the coming few weeks.