Jamie's favourite chutney recipes - jars of mango chutney

A good chutney can transform a mediocre meal into something really exciting. Whether it’s for dunking poppadoms with your Friday night curry , elevating a flatbread for a quick lunch, or served with cheese as part of a picnic spread, chutney can bring freshness, spice and sweetness in just one spoonful.

It makes a brilliant edible gift, too, and is a great way to use up ripe seasonal fruit in the summer and autumn. So, line up your jars and rustle up one of our trusty homemade chutney recipes.


This super-fresh chutney is really quick and easy to make, and instantly adds flavour, colour and freshness. Serve with spicy dishes or as a dip with poppadoms and crunchy veggies.


With its sweet, spicy flavour and generous chunks of juicy fresh fruit, this mango chutney recipe is the perfect curry companion – try it in your cheese toasties, too!


Serve this coconut chutney as an accompaniment to breads, or with crisps and canapés at a party – it always goes down a treat.


This light and vibrant tomato chutney is a great accompaniment to all sorts of foods, and is beautifully refreshing on a hot summer’s day. A great one for using up a glut of tomatoes.


This gorgeous sweet and spicy chilli chutney is the perfect partner for cheese and meat, and adds a warming kick where you want it.


Give the gift of delicious, homemade, spiced plum chutney with this easy-to-.follow Christmas chutney recipe – great for using up plums.


For something a little different, griddle or barbecue your glut of summer peaches, add a load of lovely warm spices and turn them into this delicious spiced peach chutney.