Ways to use up leftover pumpkin

Guys, a pumpkin’s not just for Halloween! Make use of your jack o’lantern, and cook up a storm with these tasty ideas for pumpkin, and pumpkin seeds.

As long as the flesh is a rich orange colour and dense in texture (as opposed to mottled or stringy), you’re going to get a good eater. But even if this is the case, the seeds are always delicious! Check out our favourite ways to use up leftover pumpkin from hot drinks to a sweet autumn loaf cake.

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PUMPKIN SPICE LATTELeftover pumpkin ideas - pumpkin spiced latte

If you only have a little bit of leftover pumpkin, how about making your own pumpkin latte? Add a shot of brandy to John Quilter’s recipe for an extra-special after-dinner treat.


Leftover pumpkin ideas - roasted pumpkin seeds

It’s so easy to roast pumpkin seeds and they make a brilliant snack for Halloween, or any other time of year. This version is spiked with chilli and fennel, but you can mix it up with any flavours you like.

Use your pumpkin seeds to whip up a batch of super-crunchy mini toasts – delicious with a slice of creamy brie or punchy Cheddar cheese.

You can also use the flesh of pumpkin and squash in bakes. Adding veggies keeps this loaf gorgeously soft and bouncy – drizzle with ginger icing for autumnal heaven!

It’s a classic, but pumpkin soup is the ultimate crowd-pleaser for this time of year. This recipe has the added warmth of ginger, and a creamy hit from coconut milk. It’s a winner.

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