mexican style beef burger with chilli and tomatoes

We’re really excited about Jamie’s super-tasty, no-fuss products with Woolworths, the fresh food people. Together, we’ve devised clever combos to make your midweek meals even more delicious. Our Mexican-style beef burger is a real winner – get your creative juices flowing with three of our favourite serving ideas.

Griddle your burgers and wedge in a toasted wholegrain bun with rocket, juicy tomato, finely sliced red onion and a big dollop of lemony soured cream. If you like it fiery, finish with a hit of sliced fresh red chilli and a dash of hot sauce. It’s an unbeatable combo!

Slice your burger in two and stuff in a hot dog bun with thick, good-quality ketchup, grate over a handful of cheese, add a few punchy pickles and serve with a mixed salad.

Go naked, and serve your burgers with crispy potato wedges, a nicely dressed mixed green salad a little dollop of mustard.

Find the Created By Jamie Mexican-style beef burger, at Woolworths in the meat aisle.


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