lemon and chicken fillets recipe with vegetables and carrot & swede mash

We’re really excited about Jamie’s super-tasty, no-fuss products with Woolworths, the fresh food people. Together, we’ve devised clever combos to make your midweek meals even more delicious. Lemon and chicken is a classic combo and, as we’ve done all the prep, all you need to do is choose how to serve them!

Pan-fry your chicken then serve simply with mashed sweet potato and a few blanched broccolini stems. Top with chopped olives for a delicious, nutritious supper that’s ready in next to no time!

If you’ve got the barbecue going, griddle your fillets along with some cobs of corn. Serve up the chicken in buns on top of a dollop of tomato salsa, with sweet potato wedges and the grilled corn.

For a little sophistication, serve your lemon chicken with some spaghetti tossed in a herby tomato sauce. Grate over a little Parmesan and team with a mixed salad. Delicious!

Find the Created By Jamie Lemon Pepper Smashin’ Chicken Fillets, at Woolworths in the meat aisle.


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