Delicious raspberry recipes - A bottle and glass of summer cordial

One of the biggest highlights in the food calendar is the arrival of seasonal summer raspberries. Make the most of these little soft fruits with our delicious raspberry recipes.

Summer raspberries are at their juicy best from June, with autumn varieties ripening into September. These bite-sized berries are the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and there are so many ways to celebrate them.

For a reliable and comforting dessert, try baking these little beauties into tarts or crumbles. On those hot days when you need something quick and refreshing, turn them into frozen yoghurt. They make a lovely addition to yoghurt or cream-based desserts, and are delicious preserved in a refreshing cordial. And don’t forget: berries are incredibly freezer-friendly, so stashing some in the freezer now will ensure you can reap the benefits all year round. Find out more about freezing fruit here.

Fro-yo is so quick to whiz together, and usually a healthier option than ice cream. This creamy raspberry fro-yo recipe has just four ingredients, but looks so impressive. Agave nectar is a nice substitute for sugar here. Perfect for using up overripe raspberries, it’s a brilliant last-minute dessert on sticky summer days.

Loaf cake recipes are some of the easiest to make, and this raspberry version is a thing of beauty. The combination of raspberries, olive oil, thyme and honey blossom may seem unusual, but it really works! This is destined to become a firm family favourite — bake it and watch as it flies off the plate.

This creamy, fruity semifreddo recipe, inspired by the traditional Scottish cranachan, is a show-stopping dessert perfect for a dinner party. With layers of soft fruit compote, decadent Drambuie cream, and topped with crunchy oats, it’s a lovely mix of flavours and textures. Plus, it can be made ahead — win-win!

This frozen yoghurt cake recipe has summer written all over it — if you’re looking to go all out, this impressive-looking dessert is for you. And It’s much easier than it looks! Little ones will love the brightly coloured layers, making it the perfect dessert for kids. This recipe uses berries and bananas, but you can flex the fruit to put your own twist on it.

Silky cardamom-infused chocolate ganache is surrounded in crumbly sweet shortcrust pastry, and scattered with soft, juicy raspberries in this summery take on a chocolate tart. This decadent dessert is deceptively easy to make, but sophisticated enough to serve at dinner parties.

Traditionally eaten as a harvest celebration and when raspberries were in season and plentiful, Cranachan is a divine mix of cream, raspberries, oats and honey — a proper taste of Scotland. Inspired by the iconic dessert, this cake is something special. This recipe uses frozen berries — so you can enjoy baking and tucking into this beauty all year round!

Raspberries, vanilla and cream make a truly special dessert, perfect for summer garden parties. The layer of caramelised sugar sets it apart from other desserts, and goes beautifully with the creamy, rich custard below. They’re super-simple to make, but look pretty impressive. 

Beautiful summer berries, vanilla and a hit of citrus make a simple but delicious  filling in this gluten-free crumble recipe, and the almond-y topping provides amazing texture. This fuss-free dessert is so straightforward to make, and is delicious served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Preserve the taste of summer with this stunning homemade cordial recipe. Feel free to mix up the berries and put your own spin on it — strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and even frozen berries would work a treat. Dilute with ice-cold water for a real thirst quencher, or top up with Prosecco for a party!

In the summer months, there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold cocktail, and this raspberry and ginger combo will definitely rock your world. The intense ginger brilliantly offsets the sweet raspberries, and garnished with a few mint leaves,  it looks so pretty, too!

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