homemade apple crumble with custard

One of our favourite things about autumn is all the delicious fruity puds that come into season. And, let’s face it, a golden crumble (with lashings of silky smooth custard) has got to be one of the all-time best British puds. To celebrate this classic dish, we’ve rounded up our five best-ever crumble recipes… happy days!

Rhubarb crumble

This ultimate guide to rhubarb crumble is a step-by-step method to pudding heaven! The sharp, sweet flavour of fruit pairs perfectly with its crown of buttery, biscuity crumble. You’re going to love it.

Pear & ginger crumble

A classic partnership, pear and stem ginger provide the perfect balance of sweetness and warmth in this recipe, while the hit of ground ginger in the crumble adds extra depth. This is a true celebration of the classic autumn crumble!

Gluten-free crumble

Made with buckwheat flour and ground almonds, this oh-so-simple crumble topping can be used with any combination of fruit you like (we’ve made it with red fruits here). And, of course, you don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy it – it’s delicious for everyone!

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Apple crumble cookies

Capture the joy of a good apple crumble… in cookie form! These soft and fruity bites of joy are made with just five ingredients, and taken from Jamie’s new cookbook
5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food. They’ll soon become a regular favourite in your house.

Stuffed fruit crumbles

There’s only so much messing about with a crumble we’ll permit… but these really hit the spot! Individual baked plums and a rich and crumbly coconut topping is a genius flavour combo. Just add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

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