Sunday roast dinner recipes

Our best-ever roast dinner recipes are all about big flavours, simple techniques and classic combos — perfect for weekend get-togethers.

Nothing beats a home-cooked Sunday roast. The crunchiest roasties, fluffy Yorkshire puds and gorgeous veg surrounding a show-stopping centrepiece – and not forgetting the gravy! So put your oven to work and serve up a feast with our best Sunday roast recipes this weekend.

Here’s how to nail the Sunday roast cooking.

Meaty Sunday roast mains

Forerib is an incredible cut of beef to serve when you want to impress. The meat is soft and tender, and we’ve paired it with garlic and crispy rosemary to create a simple but delicious dish.

This slow-cooked pork recipe lets the oven work its magic, resulting in succulent pork shoulder with the ultimate crackling – you won’t be able to resist!

Inspired by French-style farmhouse cuisine, this roast chicken recipe takes things up a notch with garlicky mushrooms, streaky bacon and fresh tarragon creating incredible flavour. If you’re looking for the wow-factor, this is it.

For days when you want a classic Sunday roast with minimal fuss and maximum flavour – consider this your new go-to roast lamb recipe. Using the simplest marinade to bring the meat to life, it’s the perfect dish for a special occasion. Plus, you can look forward to lamb leftovers the next day!

This is the perfect roast dinner recipe to cook ahead ready for a lovely family lunch. Roll up your lamb with a gorgeous homemade stuffing and slow-cook before serving with a pistachio, mint and parsley sauce.

A great way to feed a crowd, meatloaf works so well alongside pretty much any classic Sunday roast sides. This recipe is all about festive flavours, but we have another incredible budget-friendly version that comes in at just £1 per portion.

The clue is in the name! Stuffed with fresh herbs and a mushroom butter under the skin, this is no ordinary roast chook.

Cooking a ham the traditional way with spices and a sticky glaze is so satisfying. This recipe is perfect for a special Sunday lunch and gives you lots of delicious leftovers, too.

Give your Sundays a Moroccan twist with these marinated quails, roasted in za’atar and served with gem lettuce.

The beauty of slow-cooking big joints like this is that you end up with lots of lovely leftovers to shred up and use up in salads, burritos, pastas… you name it.

This juicy roasted lamb rack is cooked on top of potatoes, cherry tomatoes and olives which go all soft and gooey in the oven.

Veggie Sunday roast mains

A gorgeous medley of nuts, tofu, mushrooms and avocado, this colourful roast is a feast of textures and flavours. A real showstopper.

Don’t be spooked by the name… This is one incredible veggie main to add to your repertoire! A whole-roasted celeriac with pearl barley and creamy mushroom sauce – it’s a brilliant budget-friendly option for your dinner table this weekend.

Super Sunday roast sides

No Sunday roast is complete without roast potatoes, and these crunchy golden nuggets will be the star of the show. The trick is to squash them down to create more surface area for maximum crispiness – roasties don’t get much better than this!

Potatoes, parsnips and carrots – the ultimate trilogy of roast dinner veggies. This recipe cooks them to perfection all in one tray with a bulb of garlic and rosemary to take the flavours to another level.

Some will say Yorkies only belong with roast beef, but here at Jamie Oliver HQ there’s a place for them on any Sunday dinner plate. This is the ultimate Yorkshire pudding recipe (seriously, it’s one of our top recipes ever!) that guarantees crisp, fluffy Yorkies every time.

A crucial element of any roast dinner, we couldn’t leave out the gravy! We have so many incredible gravy recipes, but this veggie version of our Get-ahead gravy is a real crowd-pleaser. Batch it up and freeze for future roasts, bangers and mash or toad-in-the-hole.

Hungry for more? Check out our full Sunday roast recipe collection and watch Jamie’s roast dinner mega mix for even more inspiration.