Apple recipes – lots of seasonal apples in a wooden box

Sweet or sharp, fluffy or crisp – a juicy apple is a proper treat when autumn comes around.

From comforting crumbles, pies and bakes to tangy chutneys and perfect sauces for your Sunday roast, there’s so much you can do with this versatile fruit. Here in the UK, apples are ripe for the picking from September to February, so make the most of the seasonal bounty with our amazing apple recipes.

Nostalgic, impressive and fantastic served with warm custard, this classic apple pie recipe is sure to brighten up any grey day.


Beautifully tender pork paired with apple is always a winning combo – mix up your typical Sunday roast with this one-pan wonder, you won’t regret it.


Crisp apples (such as Royal Gala, Golden Russet or Cox) will really sing in this comforting savoury apple pie recipe. Paired with delicate Lancashire cheese, this is something special.


An oldie but a goodie, Jamie’s fairground-inspired apple tart is a proper crowd-pleaser. Crisp, golden pastry, soft caramelised apples and chewy toffee – what’s not to love?


Crumble is such an iconic English dessert, and for good reason – this simple apple crumble recipe is a total joy to make (and eat!).


Apple and chipolatas work brilliantly together in this humble sausage traybake recipe. What’s more, the oven does all the hard graft – yes, please!


A firm festive favourite, this proper apple strudel recipe is super-impressive, and is ready in just 45 minutes.


Apple sauce is not just for Sundays! Golden pork, glazed carrots, fluffy rice and tender greens take this roast staple to an entirely different place.


Apples pair so well with celeriac in this comforting soup. Wonderfully warming and slightly sweet, this is a great recipe to have under your belt.


Dried apples are a wonderful thing to have waiting in your store cupboard – use them to rustle up this 5-ingredient cookie recipe. Ready in under 30 minutes!


If you really love apples, this winter cocktail recipe is for you. Sweet apple juice, warming ginger and delicate apple slices – apple crumble in a glass!


Sweet apples are encased in a spiced beer batter then deep-fried to create these festive apple fritters perfect for Christmas parties. Delicious dunked in homemade salted chocolate sauce.


A proper treat when the cold weather hits, this traditional apple sponge pudding recipe is a lovely pud. Minimal ingredients, maximum joy.


An American take on a British classic, this robust Appleberry pie works just as well with fresh or frozen berries.

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