What to eat in August - Moreish aubergine salad

Summer is in full swing, and as August arrives so does a new bounty of fruit and veg.

With British blackberries, tomatoes, aubergines and many more gorgeous produce at its best, August is a truly delicious time for seasonal eating. Turn cool cucumbers into a chilled summer soup or whiz up vibrant beetroot into the most heavenly dip. If you’re after seasonal cooking inspiration, here’s what to eat in August to hero summer’s seasonal stars. 

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Tomatoes are in abundance in the UK at this time of year. Serve them simply in a tomato carpaccio, or transform them into flavour-packed fritters with a fiery kick – a quick and easy lunch that will seriously hit the spot. 

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Cucumber adds a hit of freshness to so many dishes. It’s key to giving crunch in a Greek salad, and works so well in a quick pickle alongside salmon. We can’t get enough of these Balsamic-dressed cucumbers with olives – it’s the perfect super-easy side dish to a summer dinner.

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August is when the aubergine comes into its own. In this gorgeous summer salad recipe Jamie roasts this humble veg and tops with a sweet and sour pesto-style dressing. What’s more, the oven does all the work, so you’ll get a vibrant weeknight dinner with just 5 minutes of prep. 

For another simple weeknight winner, try Jamie’s Aubergine penne arrabbiata or spice things up with an aubergine & coconut curry.

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Coming to the end of its season, now is the time to cook courgettes! Pair with mozzarella and basil in this Oozy courgette risotto; fold into a 15-minute Lemony courgette linguine; or make a minty courgette salad with chilli, garlic and lemon – absolute heaven.

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It’s amazing what you can do with beetroot. Use it as the star in a Beetroot curry; serve with https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/beetroot-recipes/amazing-dressed-beets/ https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/salad-recipes/beetroot-nicoise-salad/  or even eat them on toast! We love them blitzed with chickpeas for the most incredible vibrant summer dip. 

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There’s so much more to sweetcorn than simply eating it straight off the cob (although this cheesy version is perfection). It makes such an incredible side to so many meals. Try adding sweetcorn next time you make a salsa, or char it up like we have for this Double corn salad with a creamy, cheesy dressing.

Tossed into salads, stirred into soupsbroad beans are such a versatile ingredient that adds texture, flavour and goodness into so many meals. For a quick and easy lunch idea, try them on crunchy sourdough with garlic and feta – simplicity at its finest!

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Look out for cherries at your local market or greengrocer from the end of July onwards – the best of the bunch will be ready in August, and will be firm to the touch but ‘give’ a little when squeezed gently. Enjoy them fresh, or try them in a batch of luxurious cherry brownies.

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Tart, plump blackberries are one of the greatest joys of late summer. As soon as you see them in the hedgerows, grab a bag and get picking! Put your harvest to good use in Jamie’s blackberry and apple pie – made extra special with a dollop of custard. For something more refreshing, make a batch of Karis Layne’s pale ale & blackberry ice lollies.

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