Jamie's broad bean recipes - broad bean salad on a white plate

Broad beans are brilliant spring and summer fare. A proper seasonal treat that are at their best in the UK over the warmer months, coming into season at the end of May, and finishing as summer turns to autumn in September.

Just like asparagus, broad beans should ideally be used as soon as possible after picking. If you can’t use them immediately, pod and freeze them, so you can bank a taste of spring and summer to brighten up the colder months. These little green beauties should always be podded and, depending on their age, you can blanch and double-pod them by removing the tougher outer skins of each bean so they’re extra tender. 

Broad beans are most special and delicious when cooked simply and without too many frills, think tossed through simple salads or pasta dishes, as a toast topper, in soups, or even blitzed to make fritters and dips. Here is a collection of our very best broad bean recipes, suitable from late spring and throughout the summer months. Enjoy!

In Jamie Cooks Spring, Jamie shows you how to prepare broad beans from when they’re super young in the spring through to when they’re older and a bit tougher in the summer. The tender baby beans are sliced raw, tossed with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and black pepper and arranged over wavy slices of prosciutto with pecorino or Parmesan cheese and mint leaves. The older summer beans are blanched, double-podded, then served with asparagus, spring onions, Swiss chard, some lemon juice and golden marjoram. Both are pure expressions of this bright green bean that are perfect as we move through the seasons.


Broad beans are tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce made from roasted cherry tomatoes, spring onions and harissa, and then added to silky orzo pasta that is great served hot or at room temperature; on its own or as part of a springtime spread.

Lemony, garlicky and herby broad beans stuffed into pillowy yet crisp focaccia? Yes please! Awesome for your springtime picnics or a Sunday lunch buffet spread.

Simplicity and trusty store-cupboard ingredients are the key in this 5-ingredient salad. Tossed with toasted almonds, jarred peppers, tangy Manchego cheese and leafy parsley, these broad beans really sing.

A beautiful pasta dish of broad beans, orecchiette, tomato, fresh basil and pecorino cheese that screams outdoor dining. For an extra special version, try making your own orecchiette, or use shop-bought and have this on the table in 30 minutes.

Paired with gorgeous pea shoots and spring onions, this broad bean recipe is a seasonal triumph. Easy to throw together and utterly delicious.

Gennaro’s bacon and broad bean bruschetta recipe is the most gorgeous light lunch – and it’s ready in just 15 minutes. Swap the wild fennel for fresh tarragon or parsley if you can’t get hold of it.

Broad beans join a gang of gorgeous green veg and herbs in this joyful seasonal soup. The key to keeping its vibrant green colour is to only very briefly cook the broad beans and peas. And if you’ve got any bread that’s on the turn, you can make some crunchy croutons to serve on top! Win, win.

Using just 5 ingredients, ridiculously simple, and a pure expression of young broad beans – this super-fresh dip recipe is picnic fodder like no other. Perfect for dunking crudités, breadsticks, or pitta breads.

This delicious broad bean recipe is sure to spice things up. Dark and crunchy on the outside, green and soft on the inside – you’re going to love these little broad bean fritters.


This is simple summer cooking at its best: take a handful of ingredients that are at their peak, and using the lightest of touches, show them a bit of love and let their simplicity shine. Using a bit of reserved minty cooking water will really bring this salad together. 

Fancy a light and fresh pasta dish that’s also super-quick to throw together? Nutty almond and basil pesto teams up with in-season broad beans, peas and tenderstem broccoli to create a vibrant green lunch or dinner. And the broken potatoes really help to bind everything into a lovely creamy sauce – give it a go!

Another bruschetta number, but this one’s veggie and totally moreish. Broad beans are paired with fresh tarragon, a feta-yoghurt dip and garlicky sourdough for ultimate posh brunch vibes. Yes, please!

Packed with sunshine flavours, this broad bean recipe is crying out to be part of an alfresco spread. Blitzed up sweetcorn, fried feta and beautiful broad beans all join the party – making it a sweet and tangy taste sensation! A gorgeous side to grilled meat or fish, but equally fantastic in its own right, too.

Crunchy, cool and spicy – but still with beautiful broad beans front and centre – this salad is fantastic served with grilled chicken, warm flatbreads, or as part of an antipasti spread.

So quick, so simple, and properly tasty. With fresh mint and lemon, this elegant broad bean pasta recipe is sure to bring the summer vibes to any evening.

After more seasonal goodness? Explore our favourite springtime asparagus recipes.


How to prep and cook broad beans

Broad beans should always be podded, but some people like to remove the tougher outer skins of each bean, too – this makes them extra tender and gorgeously bright green. But whether you need to do this depends on the age of the beans. When broad beans are super young, you can actually eat the pods as well as the beans. Older, larger beans do benefit from being peeled – or double-podded – as their pale green outer skin can be tough. To double-pod, pop them into a pan of boiling salted water for just 1 to 2 minutes, drain, then once cool enough to handle, pop them out of their skins. If cooking broad beans to eat without double podding, however, remember to not salt your cooking water, as this will make the outer skin tough. Blitz broad beans into a purée, or mix whole podded beans through a simple salad. Broad beans go particularly well with cured meats, strong spices and peppery extra virgin olive oil.

What are broad beans?

Broad beans belong to the legume family and are sometimes referred to as fava beans. They are thought to have originated in the Mediterranean and tend to grow best in warm climates. They’re incredibly versatile and are an important staple of numerous food cultures.

When are broad beans in season?

A real seasonal treat, broad beans are at their best in the UK over the spring and summer months, starting around the end of May and finishing as summer turns to autumn in September.

How to store broad beans?

Like asparagus, broad beans should really be used as soon as possible after picking. If you can’t use them immediately, pod and freeze them.

What are the health benefits of broad beans?

Broad beans are high in both vitamin C and folic acid, which we need for immune function, as well as other nutrients. They’re also high in fibre and protein, too. Three heaped tablespoons count as one of your 5-a-day (one portion of veg or fruit is 80g raw weight).