veggie christmas rice recipe with poached egg on top

Whether you’re a seasoned vegetarian looking for fresh inspiration, or you’re after some new ideas to feed veggie guests, we’ve got loads of lovely recipes to keep things exciting this Christmas. Here’s our pick of the crop...

A simple but beautifully flavoured soup makes a great starter that you can feed to all your guests. Anna Jones’ recipe is wonderfully warming and full of festive flavour, and the best thing is you can make it ahead and simply reheat on the day – just don’t add the crème fraîche until you reheat it.

All those delicious veg sides at Christmas means your veggie main needs to be a bit of a show-stopper in order to stand a chance of rivalling those classic dishes. This Persian-style nut roast is just the ticket – served sprinkled with jewel-like pomegranate seeds and with a cinnamon-spiked tomato sauce on the side, you might even get the most hardy of carnivores asking for a slice alongside their turkey!

Embrace those Christmas day leftovers and use whatever roasted veggies you’ve got to rustle up this vibrant veggie dish for breakfast or brunch in the days that follow. It’s a guaranteed all-round crowd pleaser.

Share the love this party season with “sausage” rolls for your veggie guests too. Squash, blue cheese and nuts are the perfect partners in these tasty little morsels. Perfect as finger food before a big meal too.

Another party favourite all your guests will want a piece of is this beautiful fondue-style baked Camembert. Mix your dippers depending on what you’ve got in the cupboard, and let everyone dunk away.

For loads more veggie inspiration, take a look through our bumper selection of veg-tastic recipes or explore the wonderful world of veg at the Vegepedia!

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