Best Brussels sprout recipes by Jamie Oliver

Looking for new ways to cook Brussels sprouts? Whether boiled, pan-fried, roasted or shredded, our best Brussels sprouts recipes are sure to hit the spot – and might even convert some Brussels sprouts haters, too

Haters may hate; but here at Jamie Oliver HQ, we LOVE a Brussels sprout. Simply boiled until just tender (not mushy) and served with a little butter and some black pepper, they’re so, so tasty; but there are many other delicious ways to cook them, too, that may even sway a few sprout doubters…

Dismissed by some as an unwelcome guest at the Christmas table, Brussels sprouts season in the UK actually starts in October and lasts all the way to March, so that’s ample time to celebrate this misunderstood veg. They’re high in vitamin K and folic acid, and also a great source of folate which helps to reduce tiredness so we feel awake and alert – which is definitely needed during the dark days of winter. 

You can boil, steam, pan-fry, roast – or even eat them raw – creating a variety of different flavours and textures to explore. And whether you love them or hate them, we want to inspire you to give these cute little cabbages a chance and then let us know the verdict. Sprouts: are you in or are you out? 

Hardcore sprout fans will agree that, often, less is more. In this super-simple Brussels sprouts recipe, Jamie boils them until just tender, then elevates them ever so slightly with a little butter, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Perfection. 

Now, this might just be the ultimate Brussels sprout recipe. Featured on Jamie’s Easy Christmas, Jamie bakes his sprouts in a velvety, cheesy sauce and tops with a crunchy, garlicky crumb. Full of amazing textures and flavours, this will leave both sprout lovers and haters alike fighting for more. 

Brussels sprouts, chorizo, chestnuts and rosemary is a winning combo in this beautiful dish. Jamie cooks the sprouts until tender, then squashes them, so they soak up all those lovely flavours before roasting until charred and delicious. 

This festive vegan salad will perk up the taste buds and bring a welcome refresh after days of rich indulgence. Packed with fresh herbs, zingy lemon and finished off with jewels of dried cranberries, this salad is guaranteed to spread a little joy. 

Shredded veg, fresh sage and a hint of garlic turns the simple into the sublime in this quick and easy Brussels sprouts recipe. A food processor makes light work of prepping the veg, but you could finely slice by hand and achieve the same results.  

And for something entirely different, this incredible Brussels sprouts recipe is inspired by Middle Eastern flavours. With lots of aromatic spices, citrusy yoghurt and crushed nuts, it’s full of bold flavours and textures and absolutely delicious. 

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