Budget-friendly chicken recipes - Buddy's chicken fajitas

We know how much you guys love chicken, especially if the recipes are easy on your wallet but still deliver big on flavour. So we’ve put together a collection of budget chicken recipes that we know you’re going to love!

Whether you’re looking for something hearty and nourishing as the weather turns colder try our Chicken noodle soup or a simple one-pan wonder that uses store-cupboard staples, such as our Pepper & chicken jalfrezi traybake, our budget-friendly chicken recipes suit all tastes and occasions.

This chicken is baked, so not only does the oven do all the work, but it allows you time to get creative with the slaw. You can make it using whatever crunchy veg you already have in the salad drawer, and will taste so much better than shop-bought. Fresh slaw and crispy chicken, all wrapped up in a bun c’mon! 

We love the flexibility of poached chicken and the fact it makes the most of all of the ingredients. Not only will this recipe give you beautifully soft, flavour-packed meat that you can add to salads, risottos and pasta dishes (and so much more), the hearty broth can also be used as a simple base for making meals in the week. Try swapping in other seasonal veg you may have this will help to keep costs down, too.

These light chicken meatballs are the definition of laid-back, easy cooking, using leftovers that will leave you feeling very satisfied. Try these with some pasta, rice or even cold with a green salad. A great alternative to red meat, too.

Few things are more comforting than a chicken pie, and this one is brilliant for feeding a crowd on a budget at the weekend. This recipe uses a whole chicken, which is both economical and gives the gravy an incredible richness, paired with mushrooms, cider and mustard. Definitely give this one a go.

This dish uses popular store-cupboard staples and everyday ingredients to create a traybake that is bursting with sweetness, tanginess and fragrant spices. Soft garlic, green chillies, red peppers, jalfrezi curry paste and onion marmalade are a winning combination. Get creative and save money on shop-bought by making your own naans or flatbreads, too.

This budget-friendly soup turns a whole chicken and common ingredients into something warming, filling and fragrant. Using a small pinch of saffron transforms this familiar dish into something really special.

With less than 10 minutes prep, you’ll have this traybake on the table in under an hour. It’s the perfect weeknight recipe for those seeking maximum flavour for minimum effort. And it’s only 5 ingredients. Win, win!

Making your own stock from leftover chicken carcasses (from the Poached chicken is ideal) is up there as one of the best ways to get the most out of your ingredients. You can also swap in other veg you have in the fridge or something a little more seasonal, such as cabbage, fennel, celeriac and swede.

Buddy’s chicken fajitas

A great family chicken recipe and a firm favourite with so many kids – who doesn’t love a fajita? This recipe is full of colour and packed with the good stuff; sweetcorn, spring onions, pepper and iceberg lettuce for crunch – perfect for practising those chopping skills!

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