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When Christmas dinner is over, let the good times carry on rolling with these flavour-packed dishes from Jamie magazine.

Most of us will wake up on Boxing Day with a little more than just a hangover. After feasting on what, for many people, is the most extravagant meal of the year, our fridges are bound to be packed full of Christmas leftovers – whether it’s the remains of the festive bird, cooked veggies or even the odd chipolata. And that’s before factoring in all the extras: what with the foodie gifts and seemingly never-ending trips to the shops at this time of year, we’re often left with bags of nuts, jars of mincemeat and piles of sweet treats knocking around. But instead of letting all that lovely stuff go to waste, use it as a chance to get really creative in the kitchen. These gorgeous recipes from Jamie magazine are just the thing to use up your leftovers in style.


Leftover roast vegetables are bursting with flavour, but sometimes do need to be perked up a little. They’re a brilliant addition to this veggie rice with poached eggs. Fragrant spices and deep jewel colours help keep the dish feeling festive, but there’s a lovely kick of chilli, which is most welcome after all the rich food eaten over Christmas. This would make a delicious Boxing Day brekkie – and might just help with the hangover, too.

70URdYRkqtFBCSK09mZ6peBrunch, lunch or dinner – this gorgeous veggie rice recipe is bound to impress


Many of us have plenty of leftover nuts at Christmas, and while these are tasty eaten just as they are, they take on a whole new life when blitzed up into a herby pesto and served alongside grilled cauliflower. Meat is the main feature of many meals at this time of year, so a lunch that puts the veggies centre stage is often a welcome antidote. Any leftover pesto will keep for about a week in the fridge, ready to be tossed through cooked pasta for a speedy and delicious supper.

57uKNMvQaoHA0WMTU_6FVvLeftover nuts are unrecognisable in this awesome vegetarian dish


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a cheeseboard, but after the port is long gone we’re sometimes left with random hunks of festive fromage in our fridges. These green veggie fritters work well with any cheese, but especially softer varieties such as Brie or reblochon. Handily, they’re also a nifty way to use up those inevitable leftover cooked sprouts and greens which might otherwise be destined for the bin.

46az2C4Uq1X8adkbOnhueNThere’s nothing more indulgent than deliciously gooey cheese


There are loads of uses for leftover turkey – from soups to sandwiches to stir-fries – but one guaranteed way to turn it into a real crowd pleaser is to whip up a beautiful, comforting pie

This one combines turkey with sweet leeks and chestnuts – it’s the kind of gentle comfort food that makes this time of year so special. Feel free to throw in any leftover roast ham, too.

633_1_1438783763What could be more perfect that a hearty, warming and comforting pie on Boxing Day?


Everyone loves a Christmas pud, but after a mammoth dinner it’s rare that we polish off the whole lot. These Christmas pudding scones from the latest issue of Jamie magazine will fill the house with the most wonderful festive aroma, and can be whipped up quickly to satisfy unexpected droppers-by during that lazy period between Christmas and New Year. Serve with leftover cranberry sauce or stewed fruit, and a dollop of crème fraîche.

8m6UiCgpa9e8ctSg70aakqThis divine scone recipe will bring your leftover Christmas pudding back to life 


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