What to eat in February - amazing beetroot salad

With chilly temperatures and wintry weekends, February’s focus is hardy veg that work beautifully in wholesome and hearty dishes.

Think warming soups, wintry salads and classic oven bakes using the best of February’s seasonal vegetables, including leeks, parsnips, beetroot and kale — for a riot of colour and texture. Here are 6 incredible recipes to cook in February that use seasonal produce to elevate flavour and do good for our planet. 

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Fragrant and versatile, leeks are at their best in the early months of the year. Use them as a base for soups like this leek and potato number, or make them the star of the show and turn them into this indulgent three-cheese dish.

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Parsnips have an incredibly comforting flavour that we all need at this time of year. Have a go at this super-easy, utterly delicious parsnip pasta dish – or blitz them into the creamiest parsnip soup for another wonderful winter warmer. And of course, simply roasted, they make a glorious Sunday lunch side.

February is a brilliant time to cook with beetroot. It goes perfectly in winter salads like this one, baked into a gratin, or transformed into a vibrant curry. You can even make a chocolate cake with it, if the mood takes you.  

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OK, so you thought you’d seen the back of Brussels once Christmas was over, but there’s more to these little guys than a Sunday roast side. This incredible dish is inspired by Middle Eastern flavours, packed with aromatic spices, citrussy yoghurt and crushed nuts. It’s full of bold flavours and textures – and tastes absolutely delicious.

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Tender kale and creamy cannellini beans elevate this comforting gnocchi dish to amazing new heights. But there’s lots more you can do with kale: it’s perfect flavour mates with chorizo in this delicious brunch recipe; brightens up a wintry sausage stew; and can even be baked into savoury muffins – this is one versatile veg!

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Forced rhubarb is grown indoors over winter, and has stunning delicate pink spears which Jamie celebrates beautifully in his simple poached rhubarb recipe. Cook up a batch to enjoy over morning oats or spoon a little into a Champagne flute and top with your favourite fizz.

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